Streamline the way your small business operates with these easy, effective organizing hacks!

1. Change your desktop wallpaper to something plain so you can actually, um, see where things are.

2. Set aside a few hours – an entire day if need be – and delete all of those old emails already!

3. Get systems in place for absolutely everything. When X happens, then Y occurs, every single time. That way, when you’re out sick, your assistant will be able to cover for you without a meltdown.

4. Get into the habit of dealing with emails in one of three ways: respond to them, archive them or delete them.

5. Stop work at the same time every day– you won’t believe how much faster you’ll get things done when you know time is  limited!)

6. Encourage clients and customers to email instead of call you. This minimizes interruptions and allows you to deal with communications on your terms (and when you have time).

7. At the beginning of the day, make a list of must-do tasks and could-do tasks, and organize them in order of priority.

8. Scan each receipt as you get it, or toss it into the Shoeboxed Magic Envelope. This means no more clutter, accordion file folders or distracting stacks of paper!

9. Create next month’s revenue goals and budget by viewing the account overview of your accounting software. This allows you to instantly see what your income and expenses were for the month, and create next month’s goals based on those numbers.

10. Outsource the things you suck at, including web design, marketing, accounting and tax preparation. You can find affordable freelancers on Elance and ODesk.

11. Hire a virtual assistant (VA) to take care of those items on your to-do list that have been sitting there for ages.

12. Fill your workspace with colors, textures, shapes and images that inspire and energize you.

13. Check out the Shoeboxed archives for endless organizing hacks.

14. Go paperless by skipping print-outs and sharing files via Google Drive.

15. Assign tasks based on talent. Ask your assistants or employees what they feel their strengths are. If they’re doing work that they’re good at and enjoy, they’re much more likely to be consistent and successful.

16. Turn off pop-up and audio notifications on all of your applications and devices during the workday.

17. Only check email and social media accounts at predetermined times throughout the day.

Phew! Those are enough organizing hacks to get your small business back in business.

What are some organizing hacks you’re sure only happen in your office?

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