This was originally part of our Shoelabs page, but we thought it made more sense to be here on the blog. This was part of our holiday shopping promotion stuff we did at the end of last year.

Remember those Advent calendars you had has a kid? Each day in December you opened a new door on the calendar and found a rich, creamy (or perhaps stale) piece of chocolate. Well here is Shoeboxed’s version of an Advent calendar… forget the chocolate, here are some rich, creamy (never stale) places to shop!

December 20: Smell Your Best for the Rest

You can make even the black sheep of the family smell nice with some perfume or cologne from

December 19: Cruise the Strip…on a Cooler

Drive around on your gas or electric-powered cooler-on-wheels and always have a cold drink at your convenience!

December 18: Score a Hole-In-One This Holiday Season

No matter what your handicap is, these golf gifts are sure to crack you up.

December 17: Hilarity Ensues With a Busted Tee

Without me, it is just aweso…and without these shirts, it is just not funny.

December 16: A Few Necessities for the Young Ones

This site has everything that you will need for the youngest members of your family.

December 15: Capture All Your Holiday Memories

Make sure you get every memory from this holiday season on camera with help from some Geeks!

December 14: We All LOVE Chocolate

These custom, handmade truffles, bonbons and caramels from a local boutique chocolatier are Shoboxed team favorites! We met this chocolatier at a local event for small business owners and were able to sample her chocolates. Her training at the French Culinary Institute and desire to create the highest quality product possible make these chocolates even more LOVEable.

December 13: Gifts for Drinkers

Shoeboxed is not liable for how much fun you will have with these gifts.

December 12: Radio Control Submarines, Helicopters, Cars and More

Go ahead and hunt for Red October right in your own fish tank.

December 11: Simple Gift Accessories for Your Notebook and iPod

Einstein has one of these for his iPod…so should you.

December 10: Costumes Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

Halloween isn’t the only holiday you can dress up for! Be the life of the party with one of these awesome costumes.

December 9: Miles of Exercise in Your Own Backyard

The swimmer’s treadmill provides a never-ending lap lane in a fraction of the space.

December 8: For the Directionally Challenged

Wherever you’re going in life, a new dashboard, handheld, or wrist-worn GPS system will help you get there.

December 7: Be Your Own Designer

Customizing your girl may be pretty difficult, but customizing her clothes is easy!

December 6: Hoodies for the Holidays

Hook it up with these hoodies for any style, any age, and any occassion.

December 5: Great Gag Gifts Galore

These gifts would even make Ebenezer Scrooge crack a smile.

December 4: 7 Irresponsible and Fun Ways to Spend Your Holiday Bonus

Forget a new water heater, you need a plasma TV!

December 3: Gifts That Women Will Actually Love shops the web (for women) so you don’t have to…no more lame-gift excuses, gentlemen.

December 2: Design Gifts and Home Furniture Ideas

You’ll definitely be the talk of the office after you host the annual holiday party with a few of these handy items around your house.

December 1: 10 Reasons We’re Doomed: SkyMall Edition

These little gizmos and gadgets are completely ridiculous and slightly unnecessary…but you’ll love them!