This week, we released three quick user-requested upgrades to our receipt tables. Here’s what’s new:

  • We fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow a receipt to be saved if the date field wasn’t filled in. We certainly recommend entering the date on every receipt, but if for some reason it’s blank, you can still save the receipt in your account.
  • In the Vendor filter, all vendors are now sorted alphabetically to make finding what you’re looking for even easier.
  • We’ve corrected the total of all receipts shown at the bottom of the receipt table. So if you apply a filter (e.g., all receipts with the vendor Home Depot in December 2014), the total at the bottom of the receipt table will show the total for all receipts that match that filter.

We know they’re tiny improvements, but we wanted to give you a quick heads up about the changes! Let us know if you have any questions via email at or on Twitter at @ShoeboxedHelp.