3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Inside and Outside of the Office

Just because you’re stuck at work doesn’t mean you can’t give back to good ol’ mother nature. Our friends from MyCorporation.com have three super easy ways for you to make a difference this Earth Day.

Tuesday April 22nd can only mean one thing this year – the celebration of Earth Day! Having started in 1970, Earth Day has since become a global event for more than 192 countries throughout the world as a means to honor the environment and the planet as a whole. And even if you don’t consider your business to be considered traditionally “green” don’t worry – you can still join in on the big day and make a point to change how your office saves on energy and helps out in the local area!

Utilize your electronics.

Even the infamous Apple logo at Apple stores throughout the country will be green for a day! There is hardly a reason today to be printing out hundreds of pieces of paper each day. Giving a presentation? Use a PowerPoint slideshow and have people follow along on their laptops or smartphones through a webinar. Jot notes on your phone instead of on a notepad and turn down the brightness settings on your phone and laptop alike to further conserve more battery life and power.

Spell out the basics of recycling.

It’s amazing how many companies don’t have a recycling bin in the office, let alone sort the different types of recyclable products. First things first – get a big blue bin, and then get a couple extra to keep in highly frequented parts of your office. Label each bin with “plastic,” “glass,” “metal,” and “paper.” These labels should help make the sorting easy on you, and your coworkers alike, to get into the habit of recycling on a daily basis.

Check out what’s going on in your community.

Last, but definitely not least, get outside of the office. It’s not too late to organize a team building activity in the community that will not only bring your employees closer together, but will do some greater good for the area in honor of Earth Day as well! Check out what’s going on in terms of giving back with local non-profits, or check with your city’s local Chamber of Commerce to see if they have any options available. And if you plan ahead in advance and schedule a day out with your team, helping to build homes with Habitat for Humanity is another wonderful option if you want to tackle this project on a larger scale and give back not just to the Earth, but to some of its inhabitants who are in need too!

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Author: Michael Hourigan

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