Your Business Transaction Guide: Definition, Types, and Examples

A business transaction can involve just exchanging money or a longer-term agreement. However, there are certain characteristics all business transactions must include…

Business transactions are a crucial aspect of every business. Without it, a business may not know its position at a particular period. This article will give a formal definition of a business transaction, its different types, and examples of typical business transactions.

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7 Useful Documents Every Independent Contractor Should Keep

If you’re an independent contractor, protect yourself from the IRS by keeping important documents securely stored and easily accessible. Here’s what you need to know.

Keeping track of business documents seems like an obvious obligation for an independent contractor. However, it isn’t easy to know everything you need to do regarding this process. Documented proof is the only sure-fire way to defend against fees and legal claims from the IRS.

But do you know what to keep and how long you should keep it for? When you file taxes as an independent contractor, leaving a paper trail to prove independent contracting work is more important now than ever before!

And Shoeboxed wants to make sure you understand the benefits of keeping the following documents safe, secure, and accessible!

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Bookkeeping for the Cannabis Industry: Fundamentals & Best Practices

Thinking of starting a cannabis business? What should you know before you start? We dive in!

Due to its illegal status at the federal level and as the business is growing fast with various emerging sub-industries, cannabis companies face more complex issues than ever. These issues are unique to the industry and require their operators to be extra careful when keeping their books accurate and organized. Hence, following best practices are crucial for businesses in this field.

In this article, we cover everything you ought to know about bookkeeping for the cannabis industry in the U.S.!

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