The Receipt Revolution here at Shoeboxed is dedicated to making you a more informed and empowered consumer. Obviously, one way to make sure you can stick it to the retailers is to be totally prepared by having all your data backed up. They have all your data on file, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t have your own on file. And that’s were Shoeboxed comes in in a big way.

Hopefully we can bring you other information that would be helpful for you as consumers. The Consumerist, a blog that actually featured Shoeboxed a few months ago, writes about consumer issues, and offers tricks, tips, and warnings you should know about.

One particularly interesting article ran today in their blog. Apparently, someone shopping in a Best Buy was saying negative things about one of their products to another customer, and was KICKED OUT. I guess this is technically legal, but should it be? After all the controversy Best Buy has had with their receipt-checking process at their doors, we’re tempted to say that Best Buy might need to kick it down a couple of notches on the intensity department.