8 thoughts on “Account Sharing is Here!”

  1. Hi Liz! We do not have such a post, but that’s a great idea! We’ll get to work on it, and I’ll post the link here when it’s published.

  2. AWESOME! I also have another idea – but this will take much more work – it would be nice if you had an entire section for accountants/bookkeepers with basics on how to login and then create reports for information they are looking for specifically. I would do this in advance for my accountant but I’m never exactly sure what they need. It would make more sense for them to just quickly logon and search for what they need at the moment.

  3. Another great idea! Since it would be a bigger project, I’ll start fleshing it out and let you know what we come up with. :)

  4. Ok, so this video does not tell me how to add an accountant user. I need something very specific that I can give to my peeps to let them be able to add me with ease. Something instructional and clear. Do you have something like that?

  5. It would also be great to have an accountant plan. Yes give discounts for users, but what about increasing discounts for lots of users (more than 5, 10, etc) and faster access to support, etc. Like QBPro Advisor.

  6. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll post an update here if and when we move forward with additional features for our accountant plan.

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