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We’ve all met them – heck, you might even be one of them – one of those rare, mystical beings for whom doing taxes, cleaning the bathroom, and finding the industry’s latest and greatest accounting solutions is something akin to pleasurable sport. If you actually enjoy scouring the Internet for accounting and organizational software and have your accountant on speed dial, consider yourself lucky. As for the rest of us, peruse our handy checklist to see if you can benefit from our accounting solutions, tips, and tricks for staying motivated (for those days where you’d much rather hide in your Snuggie and watch football than figure out those pesky deductions).

Accounting Solutions for Big Babies

Getting organized and taking charge of your finances means growing up, but it doesn’t have to mean completely losing your cool. With awesome online applications like the paperless scanning services offered by, you’ll feel like you have a parent – or a big brother or sister – overlooking everything from your student loan interest payments to your charity donations. With all of the online accounting software, it’s completely possible to remain an accounting infant and still manage to get totally organized. If you can muster up the motivation to either scan or mail your receipts to the folks at Shoeboxed, for example, you’re pretty much home free. Now get back to the couch, you big baby – football is on.

Accounting Solutions for Procrastinators

Once you realize that the only thing standing between you and an impeccable portfolio is a scanner, that same scanner may very well morph into an evil menace that taunts you every time you walk past it. “I want your receipts….feeeeeeeed meeeeee.” Before you know it, your harmless “I’ll do it tomorrow”-mantra has created the real monster – a disorganized, disheartening pile of receipts, bills, bank statements, and tax documents that have completely buried the dining room table, and your confidence along with it. Depending on how far you’ve let the disaster grow, you can still apply our favorite accounting solutions for procrastinators:

1. Live in the moment

Remember, you never have to scan an entire pile of receipts – all you ever have to do is one receipt at a time. Just like writing an entire book can be overwhelming, stick to writing – or scanning – one page at a time.

2. Stop thinking so much

You know how, when you work out, you’re almost always glad you did? You feel energized and healthy, and ask yourself “Why don’t I do this every day?” It’s not the actual workout that we dread, but our thoughts about it. When your mind becomes crowded with “I don’t wanna” thoughts concerning your personal accounting solutions, distract yourself! Set up a time to work on your project, and don’t allow yourself a single stressful thought outside of that time (we find ice cream to be a wonderful distraction from negative thinking).

3. Just do it

There’s a reason why Nike has consistently dominated their market for nearly 40 years. Sometimes you have to employ a little old-fashioned will power. Remember that you’re not alone – everyone else on the face of the planet has to do this too, but not everyone else is as savvy as you.

Accounting Solutions for Underachievers

So maybe you’re not the kind of person who writes down everything you spend, check your account balances on the daily, or has a credit score that would make Suze Orman jealous. One way to combat the underachiever stigma surrounding your finances is to get organized! Even if what you’re organizing is a balance sheet filled with negative numbers, at least you know what you’re dealing with. From this new place of clarity, you can begin to create a financial plan that makes a multilingual valedictorian look like a flannel-clad burnout from an early ‘90s stoner comedy.

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to organizing your finances?