Achieving that perfect balance of work and life is difficult any time of the year, but between the festive parties, wrapping presents, and helping out with your kid’s holiday pageant, it’s especially difficult to balance at this time of year. When the scale has a tendency to lean a little more towards the “life” side of things, how do you keep your work a priority?

Put everything on the same calendar.

Typically, the number one rule of keeping work life and personal life separate is to leave work at work and leave home at home. Though, during this time of year, with so many things going on, it’s easier and more efficient to just keep everything in one place. If you have an elementary school recital you need to attend in the middle of a Friday, you need to make sure it doesn’t conflict with any big projects or meetings also on that day. Keep all of your obligations on one calendar. Mark work obligations, like meetings, presentations, and big assignments, in one color, and personal obligations in another color.

Take care of your bigger tasks in the morning.

Though it can sometimes take a little time to warm up in the mornings, it’ll benefit you in the long run to take care of your bigger projects first thing in the morning.

If you’re one of those people who have a little trouble operating at full speed in the morning, I suggest trying to get “warmed up” for the day before even getting to the office.Though it sounds counterproductive to the night owls of the world, wake up a little earlier. Instead of rushing in the morning to try and get as much sleep as possible, wake up a little earlier to enjoy a cup of coffee at home, watch the news, read the paper, get into a nice little routine to make you feel awake and ready for the day. Then once at work, tackle all of your big tasks leaving the afternoon free if you need to head out early to pick up the kids or prep the house for a party.

Let everyone know when you’re gone.

Because everyone has a crazy schedule this time of year, communication is key. As the boss, you need to give people a heads up as to when you’ll be gone because you need to make sure everything gets done! Even the boss needs some help every now and then. Clearly and thoroughly assign duties to your employees on the days you need to miss, and let everyone know that if they need to get a hold of you to mark their emails with an “urgent” notification.

Communication between employees and yourself is the only way to tackle this crazy season. As long as you’re making sure all of the work gets done, it’s very possible to cater to everyone’s individual holiday schedules.

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