If you’re a bookkeeping freelancer who’s new to this industry or looking for a way to advance your career online or off, having an Advanced Bookkeeping certificate might be a good kick-start.

The Advanced Bookkeeping Certificate helps you achieve your career goals by providing the professional knowledge and skill set required to perform an accounting job role. Gaining this certificate can help you become a professional bookkeeper and allow you to more effectively run your business. 

This article will explain the Advanced Bookkeeping Certificate in detail, from its definition, benefits, and how to get started. 

Benefits of gaining an Advanced Bookkeeping certification

Advanced Bookkeeping is a unit in the AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping and Advanced Diploma in Accounting. The assessment’s purpose is to test learners’ advanced bookkeeping skills to the extended trial balance stage so they can compile final accounts for various types of businesses.

Some of the main benefits of completing the Advanced Bookkeeping assessment are the following:

1. Advanced Bookkeeping Certification is universally accepted

The Advanced Bookkeeping Certification is a symbol of excellence all over the world. It is recognized worldwide and is in high demand in the accountancy sector. 

The Advanced Bookkeeping course is up-to-date and provides practical exposure and guidance for a successful bookkeeping career. This certification gives future bookkeepers a chance for some good career opportunities and the ability to solve real-world issues of a variety of business undertakings.

2. Build up an impressive resume for freelancers

Financial management is the backbone of every business and crucial to organizational growth. The demand for accounting and financial expertise is increasing across all industries.

Completing the practical business-focused Advanced Bookkeeping course helps you develop essential bookkeeping skills, such as managing accounts, finances, budgeting methods, and cash flow. 

This certification helps build an impressive resume with the professional level of excellence employers look for. These certifications increase the chances of getting hired by a reputable organization.

3. Gain the knowledge and skills that employers need

The Advanced Bookkeeping course gives you a much broader range of knowledge and skills, more than you’re likely to be able to gain from work experience alone. Having the ability to be more adaptable and flexible gives you access to a wider range of opportunities. As a bookkeeping professional, you’ll have greater resilience and confidence in handling change.

4. Bridge your career gaps

Even if you’re taking a gap from university or work, gaining this certification is still a good choice. It helps you to build up knowledge and skills. It will fill the gaps and boost your confidence to apply for jobs.

5. Increase your potential earnings

If you are working in the finance sector and looking for further career progression in the field, having an Advanced Bookkeeping qualification can bring you additional opportunities. Advanced accounting and bookkeeping techniques from the course encourage you to apply for top position roles. 

Below are some common jobs and expected salaries for each level. 

  • AAT Access Level 1: Through this level, you can earn up to $14,600 per year as a clerical assistant or cashier.
  • AAT Access Level 2: When you’re at level 2, you’re capable of earning $23,790 – $26,840 per year as an account clerk, finance assistant, or account administrator. 
  • AAT Access Level 3: Completing this level can help you earn up to $35,000 per year by performing as a ledger manager, senior bookkeeper, or accounts manager. 
  • AAT Access Level 4: This is the highest level, which makes you capable of earning $39,040 – $51,850 by performing on the job roles like tax supervisor, VAT accountant, commercial analyst, payroll manager, senior financial officer, cost accountant, or assistant financial accountant.

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How to get started with the Advanced Bookkeeping course

You don’t need a bookkeeping background or bookkeeping skills to get a start in the Advanced Bookkeeping course. Since Advanced Bookkeeping is a unit in the AAT Bookkeeping course, you can start from entry-level and scale up gradually. 

No specific age or location is required to start the AAT course. The only requirement is your strong desire to start a career in the accounting sector.

You can start with any qualification depending on your existing skills and experience. If you already have some accounting experience, you can use the AAT Skillcheck to determine which qualification is right for you.

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Moreover, the cost of the Advanced Bookkeeping course is reasonable. It shows your dedication and commitment to improving your career. Investing proper focus, funding, and time for the course will result in great opportunities, high salaries, and clear career paths.

Investing in education can bring you more value than expected if you’d like to follow a freelance career. Having the crucial skill set and qualifications can help you attract more clients and valuable contracts. 

The bottom line

Learning and self-development are like an expedition. Whether you are a student searching for a career start or improving your professionalism to handle more challenging tasks in your current job, having an Advanced Bookkeeping certificate would be a good start.

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