Amazon bucked the overall trend of sliding retail sales this year with their best holiday shopping season ever, with its busiest day seeing a 17% increase from last year.

For December 15, Amazon’s largest day for orders, the retailer sold 6.3 million items, up from 5.4% on the same day last year.

Inquisitr reports that one of the most popular items purchased through Amazon this year was a nose and ear hair trimmer. The Groom Mate Platimum XL was the most-purchased item in the health and personal care products category.

Amazon's 2008 Holiday Sales Were Up 17% From 2007
Amazon's 2008 Holiday Sales Were Up 17% From 2007

Though Amazon was quick to release this report, it is unclear as to whether this trend was enjoyed by other well-known online retailers. Overall sales for the holiday shopping season were down about 5.5%, and online sales were projected to be up 2% this year. Reports from other big-name online retailers has not yet been released.

Low overhead and bulk purchasing allow online retailers like Amazon keep costs low, which may have lured more customers this year looking for great deals. Many states also collect no sales tax on online purchases, making the deals that much sweeter.