We’re thrilled to announce the first annual Shoeboxed Hackathon!

Today and tomorrow, Shoeboxed is hosting a hackathon in our downtown Durham headquarters.  We’ve heard three teams pitch their ideas and this morning we’re splitting into work groups to make the ideas come alive! The event will culminate with a final presentation and celebration on Saturday evening.

We’re lucky to have two other awesome local startups joining us for the event. The first is TabSprint, a startup that allows users to order and pay for drinks from their mobile phone in crowded bars instead of waiting in line or dealing with a tab. TabSprint has recently won several startup challenges over the last few months and was founded by Grant Warman, a Duke 2012 alum. The second startup joining us will be Queue: “the Salesforce.com for restaurants.” Queue is planning to revolutionize the way restaurants handle wait lists and how customers wait for tables, all by using handy mobile apps.

We’re also lucky to have several local startup “celebrities” on hand for the hackathon, including Jud Bowman, CEO of Appia; Adam Covati, CTO of Argyle Social and Shannon Bauman, CTO of Spring Metrics.

Stay tuned for another post on Monday, when we’ll tell you all about the hackathon and the winners!

Stay Organized,

The Shoeboxed Team