You’re not still using this to organize your receipts, are you? (Wait a second – is that velcro?)

Just like Photoshop, your Shoeboxed online receipt organizer is packed with features you probably haven’t even tried yet. Unlike Photoshop, Shoeboxed is intuitive, user-friendly and never requires the tearing out of hair or a desperate 4am phone call to your web designer (“I just want to make the background green! Green, I tell you!”).

Let’s start with the interface. Once you’ve mailed your receipts in the Magic Envelope, the application morphs from a super-fun trip to the mailbox to a true online receipt organizer, with those former crinkled copies smoothed out and digitized in all their glory.

Don’t be alarmed if you see the typically frightening exclamation-point-inside-of-a-triangle icon when you first log in; that just means that Shoeboxed, aka your virtual receipt assistant, has a few items for you to go over.

Click on “Edit my incomplete receipts.” Your receipts are organized online by being put through the ringer. We conduct a series of four different tests that make sure numbers are accurate, the text is legible, and everything is in order by the time you log in to view your receipts.

For example, if some ink got smudged on your receipt and the date looks more like “3012” than “2012,” the application posts you a mayday message, asking for you to take a look at the offending receipt-from-the-future.

When this happens, just pause for a moment and remember a) how much time you used to have to spend pouring over each and every receipt yourself, and b) how often you missed mistakes like these and had to endure phone calls from your tax guy that began with “Ummmmmmm……we have a problem.”

Once you’ve identified the offending receipt, click “Fix me!” You’ll be automatically taken to a scanned image of your receipt, complete with the ability to zoom in and out (you know, in case you can’t read a certain letter or number…or your own handwriting). Our scanning is so good, a lot of times the scanned receipts are clearer and easier to read than the originals! But just in case you have to compare notes, we always send your original receipts right back to you in the Magic Envelope.

The Magic Envelope, the scanned images and the automatic alerts are awesome and everything, but what makes Shoeboxed a true online receipt organizer? The ability to label, edit and categorize, of course! Our system automatically pulls important information like the subtotal, payment method and date right from your receipt. It’s also a cinch to edit any of that information, to add a description, and to assign each receipt to multiple categories.

Our online receipt organizer comes with standard tax categories such as travel, meals/entertainment, auto/fuel, and telecommunications. But what if you happen to be a professional circus performer, an oil rigger or rhythmic gymnast? If you have write-offs or receipt categories that aren’t in the Shoeboxed app, you can create new categories based on your personal needs and style. Just click “Add category,” assign the category a name, and check the box!

Shoeboxed makes organizing your receipts online an absolute snap. And maybe we’re a bunch of organizational nerds, but assigning categories within the application is actually really fun! (Ok. Fine. As fun as doing your taxes can possibly be).

What’s your favorite little-known Shoeboxed trick?

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