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How the Google Apps Marketplace Will Revolutionize Small Business

The launch of the new Google Apps Marketplace, which will allow Google Apps users (mainly small businesses) instant access to dozens of useful new applications to help support and grow their companies, has been making big waves in the news. I believe, however, that there is an even more interesting story that has yet to be explored. Google’s exciting announcement just serves as further evidence that a growing trend is taking place: there is an unprecedented merger between small businesses and technology that will help revolutionize and revitalize our economy. This is a trend story that speaks to the very future of American business and the role technology and SAAS will play. Even a few years ago, entrepreneurs and small business owners had very limited, expensive resources for supporting their companies’ necessary operations. “Years ago, a small business owner had to do many things by hand and rely on clumsy expensive desktop software to run their business,” said Taylor Mingos, CEO and Founder of “Now, there are a...

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Shoeboxed App Available Through the New Google Apps Marketplace

By now, you have most likely heard about the launch of Google’s new App Marketplace. This revolutionary launch will now allow the millions of Google Apps users instant access to over 50 apps to help them avoid administrative hassles and focus on growing their businesses! Here at Shoeboxed, we are thrilled to announce that we are one of those initial 50 launch vendors. “Shoeboxed is committed to leading the marketplace toward a paperless office with digitization and intelligent online processing of documents, so integrating with Google Apps was a logical choice for us,” says Taylor Mingos, Founder and CEO. “By adding the Shoeboxed App to the Google Apps Marketplace, we’ve made it extremely easy for Google Apps users to get a powerful receipt and business card management web application that works seamlessly with their messaging and collaboration platform.” So what does this mean for you Shoeboxers out there? By integrating Shoeboxed with Google Apps, users can access the Shoeboxed App using single sign-on through Google Apps, eliminating the need...

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Party With the Small Business Web at SXSW!

Going to SXSW this year? Party in style with Shoeboxed and the other members of the Small Business Web! Come for food, drinks, and great networking with hundreds of small businesses and web application vendors just like yourself. When: 4-7pm Saturday, March 13 Where: The Pure Volume House at 504 Trinity St, Austin, TX. Who: The Small Business Web— we connect web apps to help small businesses bloom and grow! Can’t wait to see you all...

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Shoeboxed to Revolutionize Receipt Management for Accounting Professionals

Here at Shoeboxed, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Shoeboxed Accounting Professional Plan that will make receipt organization faster and easier for accountants and bookkeepers than ever before! Built on top of Shoeboxed’s core mail-in service for receipt digitization, the Shoeboxed Accounting Professional Plan enables accountants and bookkeepers to manage multiple Shoeboxed accounts from a single intuitive dashboard. Accounting and bookkeeping firms can now eliminate expensive and time-consuming receipt scanning and data entry practices by simply sending their piles of receipts to Shoeboxed where they will be scanned, data entered, automatically categorized, and securely archived online. From their Shoeboxed accounts, financial professionals can then generate spreadsheets, PDF reports, and QuickBooks files by category as well as date range. Accountants can view, create, modify, or cancel unlimited accounts all from one secure page. Clients also have their own unique login information to access their accounts without having access to the other accounts. All Shoeboxed accounts on the Accounting Professional Plan are discounted by 10% recurring monthly....

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How to File Your 1099s This Tax Season (Plus a Special Offer!)

Here at Shoeboxed, we are all about saving our users time and money, and our partners feel the same way! Now, our friends at have an exciting new service that will help you take care of your W-9s and 1099s with minimal cost and hassle! Recently, launched a FREE service to collect and manage W-9s for contractors. The W-9 service is fully automated and helps businesses comply with the IRS requirements that a W-9 be on hand for 1099s filed. Starting today, automates the filing of the IRS Form 1099-MISC. Those W-9s collect the information they need to take care of the 1099 for users, with no paperwork. The 1099 filing service is a paid service, but where most accountants charge around $10 to file a 1099, files for only $5! For you Shoeboxers out there who need to file your 1099s, is offering a special 50% discount! If you are a contractor, introduce  your client to Shoeboxed and to help them with...

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