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A professional writer for the past couple of years, Agata Kaczmarek has held a passion for writing since early childhood. Agata specializes in writing articles and blogs focused on finance as someone who holds a Master's Degree in Accounting and Finance.

Accounting & Finance - Oct 14th 2022

Tax on Mileage Driven: How to Claim Mileage on Your Tax Return

Deduct your gas expenses and lower your taxes. Read our detailed step-by-step guide on how to claim gas deductions.

Accounting & Finance - Oct 11th 2022

What Is Revenue Expenditure vs. Capital Expenditure?

We spell it out with handy charts.

Accounting & Finance - Oct 06th 2022

Is Service Revenue an Asset?

Is service revenue an asset or a liability? Find out what it is, see real-life examples, and get answers to your FAQs!

Accounting & Finance - Oct 04th 2022

What Is the Key Difference Between Cost and Price?

Price and cost might sound similar to one another; however, in terms of financial statements and analysis, they couldn’t be more different.

Accounting & Finance - Oct 01st 2022

Bank Reconciliation Problems for Small Businesses: 5 Problems and Solutions

What are the most common bank reconciliation problems that small business owners face? Learn how to protect yourself with this article.

Small Business Tips - Sep 21st 2022

Your Guide to the U.S. Tax Return: What It Is, the Main Sections & Your FAQs

Brush up on your tax knowledge with this lightning-quick guide.

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