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A professional writer for the past couple of years, Agata Kaczmarek has held a passion for writing since early childhood. Agata specializes in writing articles and blogs focused on finance as someone who holds a Master's Degree in Accounting and Finance.

Accounting & Finance - Mar 27th 2023

9 Trucker Accounting Software Options and How to Choose One

Read on for our 9 top picks of the best trucking accounting software for owner-operators.

Small Business Tips - Mar 21st 2023

Tax Checklist 2023: What to Know, Do & Prepare for Tax Filing Day

Wondering what documents you will need for the 2023 tax season? Use this simple tax checklist to find out tax deadlines and more.

Accounting & Finance - Mar 20th 2023

Accounting for Retail: Best Practices, How-Tos, FAQs

Read more for an overview of retail accounting, how it differs from other accounting forms, and the best way to get started.

Accounting & Finance - Mar 10th 2023

Accounting for LLC: Best Practices, Steps, Resources, FAQs

Limited liability company owners should focus on building sound accounting strategies to maintain their business finances from the very beginning.

Accounting & Finance - Mar 06th 2023

Accounting for Contractor: A Beginner’s Guide

Learn construction industry practices that include retainage, specialized billing, revenue recognition methods, and frequent change orders.

Accounting & Finance - Mar 04th 2023

Accounting Errors: Types, Examples, and How to Correct and Prevent Them

Spot accounting errors & get them fixed fast! Check out common accounting error examples and follow a step-by-step guide on how to fix them.

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