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As a detail-oriented staff accountant, Caryl Ramsey has years of experience assisting in different aspects of bookkeeping, taxes, and customer service. She uses a variety of accounting software for setting up client information, reconciling accounts, coding expenses, running financial reports, and preparing tax returns. She is also experienced in setting up corporations with the State Corporation Commission and the IRS.

Accounting & Finance - Nov 28th 2022

Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist: An Easy Guide

A handy bookkeepers’ checklist to keep you on the right track at month’s end.

Accounting & Finance - Nov 22nd 2022

Filing Duplicate Tax Returns? Here’s What to Know and Do

Made a mistake in filling out your taxes and want a do-over?

Bookkeeping - Nov 21st 2022

Bookkeeping Resources: 45+ Courses, Tools, Sites, and More!

Bookmark this page. It's a keeper for anyone doing their own or others' books.

Bookkeeping - Nov 14th 2022

+61 Bookkeeping Terms Explained for Beginners

How many of these bookkeeping terms have you been misunderstanding your whole life?

Bookkeeping - Nov 03rd 2022

+17 Bookkeeping Skills for a Successful Career

Bookkeepers who possess certain skills go on to have successful careers. How many of these do you have?

Accounting & Finance - Oct 26th 2022

Types of Bookkeeping: Single Entry vs. Double Entry

Read about the pros and cons for the two most popular types of bookkeeping so you can choose the best type for your business.

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