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Clayton Noblit is A Marketing Manager at Shoeboxed. When he's not spreading the word about Shoeboxed, he enjoys exercising and carving wooden spoons.

Productivity 101 - Jun 21st 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Work from Home

When you talk to someone who works from home, you’ll hear them talking about […]

Uncategorized - Apr 30th 2018

The Tech Your Business Needs to Improve Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important components in a business. This is […]

Uncategorized - Apr 25th 2018

7 Helpful Strategies for Improving Employee Satisfaction At Work

Looking after employees and ensuring their satisfaction has become one of the biggest issues […]

Uncategorized - Apr 23rd 2018

What Types of Business Insurance Do I Need as a Contractor?

There are several kinds of insurance any small business needs, and there are types […]

Uncategorized - Apr 19th 2018

Why You Should Accept Bitcoin (and other Cryptocurrency) in your E-Commerce Store

Even though many people view cryptocurrencies as a speculative investment, it’s still worth adding […]

Small Business Tips - Mar 27th 2018

Targeted Marketing Campaigns Done Right for Small Business Owners

What is targeted marketing? Targeted marketing is an approach that increases the likelihood of […]

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