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Often referred to as "the longest standing intern at Shoeboxed," Michael is a native North Carolinian who graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. He is an avid golfer, skier and novice bird watcher. When he is not developing marketing campaigns, Michael enjoys binge watching WWII documentaries on Netflix.

Productivity 101 - Mar 12th 2018

Boost Your Employees’ Productivity – 7 Ways to Introduce Biophilic Designs In Your Workplace

Biophilia (human's innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life) has emerged as one of the key trends within the field of interior design and is now a priority for many top companies in the world.

Productivity 101 - Nov 27th 2017

What Does Your Office Space Say About Your Business?

In today’s post, we’re going to be exploring the importance of office design and the ways in which it can aid the success of your business - offering our helpful tips on how to create the ultimate office space.

Productivity 101 - Nov 20th 2017

5 Small Employee Perks that Make a Big Difference to Retention

In this post we’ll be looking at how small but meaningful perks can also have a positive long-term impact on employee retention.

Freelance Tips - Jul 17th 2017

How to Stay Focused While Working from Home

While working from home is great, distractions are inevitable, especially if you share a home. Having a game plan in place can help you keep interruptions to a minimum.

Small Business Tips - Jun 16th 2017

7 Biggest Website Mistakes That Are Costing You Readers

Aside from producing high-quality content, you need to make sure all your great content is seen by your target audience. Unfortunately, many novice bloggers often make mistakes that are costing them readers.

Small Business Tips - Mar 21st 2017

Word of Mouth: Growing Your Business Through Referrals

Everyone knows how important word of mouth referrals are for business, but how can you grow these referrals?

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