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Bookkeeping - May 21st 2023

Cannabis Bookkeeping: Tips, Fundamentals & Best Practices

Thinking of starting a cannabis business? What should you know before you start? We dive in!

Small Business Tips - May 17th 2023

Small Business Receipts: Pros and Cons to Digitizing Receipts

Everything you ought to know about the small business trend toward digitizing receipts.

Small Business Tips - May 17th 2023

Digital Filing Systems: The Benefits and How to Implement One

Not sure what a digital filing system is? Wondering about its benefits? Here, we give you the best digital filing system software and how to implement one for your team.

Around The Box - May 17th 2023

Introducing the Redesigned Shoeboxed iOS App

Our new iOS app is here, and it's packed with updates and features designed to enhance your receipt management experience.

Accounting & Finance - May 15th 2023

How to Scan Receipts With The Shoeboxed App: Your Easy Guide

Ugh. Receipts. Want us to help you with that? Read this simple guide on using our app to scan receipts and track expenses!

Accounting & Finance - May 15th 2023

The History of the Receipt: Trivia, Infographic, and More!

How receipts transformed from simple cuneiform tablets to detailed digital documents. Plus, don't miss our cool infographic at the end of the article!

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