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Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Avoid business icebergs: Do your due diligence

This is a guest post by Colin Porter, Managing Director and founder of CreditorWatch. CreditorWatch is an established commercial credit reporting bureau and data intelligence company based in Australia. CreditorWatch provides small and medium sized enterprises with affordable credit reporting products and services that were previously priced out of their reach. What you see on the surface is not always what you get, especially when it comes to other businesses. Here’s why doing your due diligence is an important step in a business relationship. We all know the story with icebergs: only one-eighth of it appears above the water, making it hard to judge its true size and nature. The thing with icebergs is that from the outside you can’t see the cracks on the inside that could cause the whole thing to fall apart. It’s the same with businesses. What may well look like a well run business on the outside could have serious internal problems that may jeopardise the viability of a business relationship. To find out...

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