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The Last-minute Tax Extension Decision: Stop Worrying & Talk to a Tax Expert

As the April 15th tax filing deadline rapidly approaches, for most small business owners  who haven’t filed there are two options:  either finish your tax return, or consider an extension. Small business owners and freelancers should consider speaking to a tax preparer regarding their situation to decide if there’s enough time to make a last-minute dash to submit your return.  Otherwise, the preparer will be able to file an extension, which will give the taxpayer an additional six months of breathing room. But there’s a catch:  this only applies to the paperwork, and you are still responsible for estimating and submitting payment for your taxes. If the IRS considers your payment estimate to be incorrect, it’s possible that the IRS will assess a late penalty.  The IRS charges an interest of 0.5%/month on any portion of your taxes not paid by April 15th. According to, an online tax preparation website, most of their customers requiring an extension often complain about not being organized enough to submit their small business...

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Shoeboxed iPhone App Tutorial

The long awaited Shoeboxed iPhone App has hit the App Store… and it’s FREE! Here’s a quick introduction and guide for using our brand new revolutionary app that is doing away with the need to keep paper receipts and allowing business-oriented people to effortlessly manage and track their expenses for reimbursements and deductions.  First:  Access the app and you’ll be prompted to capture a photo of your receipt and add a note to it if you like.  The image will then automatically be sent to Shoeboxed to be digitally archived and auto-categorized.  Second:  All important receipt data such as date, vendor name, total, payment type, and IRS tax category are extracted from the photo image through Shoeboxed’s OCR and human-verified data entry system.  Track your receipts in your iPhone during and after they go through Shoeboxed’s processing. Third:  Effortlessly generate expense reports and email them to yourself or to your boss for reimbursements and deductions.   You’ll never have to deal with paper receipts again! Download the free Shoeboxed iPhone...

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Marketing on a Low/No Budget: Get Found!

To get a business going you have to have two things. One is an idea, service, or product. The other is the skill and ability to communicate with particular people about your idea. In the good ole’ days, the only way to communicate with potential customers was to spend money bombarding them with telemarketing calls, television and radio ads, direct mail spam, and print media. And then, something incredible happened: the internet. With literally zero dollars and a bit of creative thinking, you can use the internet to create hugely effective marketing platforms. Just think of yourself as the author, and the internet as the publisher. Now, you need to know how and what to publish online so that you get found. Enter, this blog post! You’re already taking a step in the right direction! First, wrap your head around the concept of “Inbound Marketing.” will be your best resource here. You can no longer push your idea on consumers. Your company must put ideas and content out...

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