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Tomoko Matsuoka is Shoeboxed’s managing editor, bringing 10+ years of editorial experience to a small team of accounting & bookkeeping research specialists and writers. She interviews customers for case studies, edits feature articles, and is always on the hunt for skilled writers with a background in finance. Contact her at [email protected]

Small Business Tips - Nov 16th 2023

4 Proven Strategies to Reduce Expense Fraud in Your Company

Discover effective strategies for how to prevent expense fraud as told by industry leaders who share their stories and what they did to solve the issue.

Productivity 101 - Jun 29th 2023

Top 6 Apps for a Better Work-Life Balance in 2023

We’ve compiled a list of highly-rated apps to keep you sane, active, and happy despite a full calendar.

Small Business Tips - Jun 05th 2023

Expensify Alternatives: Top Picks for Every Need in 2023

Looking for Expensify alternatives? We break down your options based on ease of use, customer service, accounting software, and other key features.

Accounting & Finance - Jun 01st 2023

Real Estate Agent Expenses Spreadsheet: 4 Free Templates

Get the best free real estate expenses spreadsheet options available online today. Streamline your expense tracking processes with our tips and best practices!

Accounting & Finance - May 30th 2023

DIY Accounting: 30+ Guides for Small Business Owners

Discover 30 DIY accounting guides that will help you manage and grow your business finances.

Organization Ideas - May 26th 2023

Declutter Your Home Checklist [Free Printable Checklist]

Decluttering isn't just about having a lovely-looking space. More importantly, it can lead to improved mental and physical health as well as increased productivity.

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