BatchBlue, a slick online contact relationship management (CRM) application, has implemented the Shoeboxed API and now allows you to automatically sync your Shoeboxed business cards directly into their online software. This is a big win for any small business that wants to get more out of the business cards that they collect. This will save you time and let you leverage the information on your cards, without you having to spend hours data-entering, scanning and managing the cards with a homemade system.

Now you can send your physical business cards to Shoeboxed, where we will scan them and enter the information printed on them. Then, if you set up the integration, they will be automatically sent over to BatchBlue, where you can manage your contacts with all the features you need.

BatchBlue now integrates with Shoeboxed
BatchBlue now integrates with Shoeboxed

Here is how to set up the integration (from BatchBlue’s FAQs):

First, you need to create a Shoeboxed account. When you are ready to sync, go to the Sync tab in your BatchBook account and choose Shoeboxed (if you’re already syncing a service with us, you’ll need to click the add service button). Click authenticate now.

You will be routed to Shoeboxed where you enter your Shoeboxed login and password. Click the checkbox to allow Shoeboxed to transfer receipt and business card data to BatchBook, then click submit. Your Shoeboxed contacts will now be synced with your BatchBook account!