How do you stay productive on the go?

It’s practically impossible to succeed at mobile bookkeeping without a killer arsenal of productivity apps. Being able to run your small business from your smartphone is essential for every on-the-go SMB, and finding the right apps that work for your lifestyle is essential.  Below are our top picks for productivity apps that do everything from create coupons to manage content marketing, all with a flick of your thumb.

Marketing Apps

Does your marketing department consist of, well, you? No problem! Keep social media and content marketing campaigns revved no matter where you are. Glyder’s iPhone productivity app has a bunch of different templates that let you reach out to potential customers in creative ways. Create a contest, offer a coupon, or engage users with fun questions right from your phone.

Social Oomph is another awesome productivity app that lets you automate your Twitter feed, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates and blog posts. Fill up your queue with juicy morsels then forget it for the rest of the day! Social Oomph works for you, posting every hour on the hour or as often as you’d like.

Organizational Apps

The Workflowy app for iPhone is a deceptively simple organizational tool that promises to “organize your brain.” If you’re a list maker, this is the app for you! Workflowy lets you create lists and categorize items by indenting them on your screen. Sounds simple, but if you’re a visual person and need to see things in order to remember them, it’s absolutely perfect.

Wunderlist is another favorite on our list of productivity apps. Create dynamic lists, label and categorize them, then share them with co-workers and clients. Shared lists are an awesome way to make sure everyone is on the same page and that no tasks get neglected (or competed twice!)

All CRM software lets you create email groups so you can differentiate between the content you send to clients and the content you send to potential clients. Heck, even Gmail lets you do this with its labeling system! So what happened, iPhone?

Not to worry, thankfully there’s Mailshot to the rescue! This app allows you to create different email groups right within the application. Here’s the best part – once you’re finished, those groups automatically populate your address book and all of your other iPhone apps! Talk about multitasking.

Assistant Apps

No iPhone? No problem. Siri isn’t the only virtual assistant on the block. Maluuba for Android not only has a much cooler name, it’s just as accurate at helping you plan and execute daily tasks. Need to find the closest Mexican restaurant to take your client to lunch? How about scheduling a follow-up appointment because the lunch went really well? Maluuba can do it all. Another sweet function of this app is that it displays your entire day on your screen, including scheduled meetings, phone calls that need to be made, and important reminders.

Mobile bookkeeping and mobile businesses are the future of small business productivity. With so many free apps, there’s no excuse to be chained to your desktop, slaving away creating email blasts !

What are your favorite productivity apps?

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