Bring ’em Out!

Seriously, who doesn’t love Cory?

Yeah I couldn’t think of anyone either. He’s been bringing you blog entry after blog entry for months now with a tireless devotion to the Shoeboxed vision, the team, and inane local news bits, and I may be the blog’s biggest fan.

But over here at Shoeboxed, we’re a team: we share food, desks, one internet router, marketing ideas, train passes, and pretty much everything else. So some more of us are going to take a crack at the blog, and pursue some different angles and diverse perspectives. We love Shoeboxed for a lot of the same reasons, but it does mean different things for different people, and the uncommonly diverse group of people involved in this project have a lot of interesting things to say.

So stay tuned. Cory will still be around, but get excited about meeting some more of us!