We all know that being a mom is full time job (at the very least). Well, since many people that are full-time professionals have business cards, we wondered why moms don’t have business cards as well. They would be great if you want to exchange contact information with others, especially other moms.

As we were throwing this idea around, we thought you would be able to order your own business cards the same way that most people do: by finding a local company that can customize them for you or by using an online service where you can design the business cards yourself. A quick Google search will introduce you to some relatively inexpensive business card services. But we also learned that someone has had the idea for business cards specifically designed for moms before.

At Cards for Moms and Mommy Cards, you can order business cards that are specially designed for moms, and that allow you to print your kids’ names, address, and phone number, and emergency contact information. That way, if you are leaving your kids with someone else, the business card will tell them everything they need to know to keep your kids safe.

So moms, you have no excuses! Send us your business cards! We will scan them and digitize the information so you will have a digital backup of all your personal contacts’ information.