I came across a blog entry this morning, and it struck me as very interesting. This blog took the time to point out how important it is to check the information on your receipts. This seemed so basic to me, but also extremely important. It’s something that we should not forget to do, as it can save us from a headache later on.

It’s easy to think sometimes that once you have all your receipts in one place, you’re good to go. You won’t have to worry about anything else because you’re the most organized person you know. Nobody else has a complete digital archive of all their receipts, and you know you’ll be better off come tax time, etcetera.

But this is all assuming one thing, right? You are making the big assumption that all your receipts have the correct information on them.

So, make sure you are consistent in checking your receipts to make sure that the store name, date, amount, and items are correct. When your receipt is printed out at the register, just scan it quickly to make sure those pieces of information look right. The receipt is oftentimes the only record you have of a purchase, so you want to make sure it’s right.

Here is another great example how this simple habit can save you some cash!