Check Your Receipt

Shoeboxed has written before about the importance of checking your receipts when the retailer gives them to you. Merchants do not always print receipts  correctly, and often times cashiers make mistakes on how they ring things up.

A friend of mine sent me this story the other day, which reinforces this point. It turns out that Betty Knight, an 87-year-old shopping for a new television, set her sights on a 37″ Toshiba. An employee told her that he could give her the TV for $899 with a free delivery. That’s not a bad deal. But when she checked out at the register, her receipt said $849 with a $50 delivery charge. The cashier told her that’s the way the accounting department had to have it, and Knight figured it was alright.

But what if you wanted to return the TV? Then you could only get $849 back, because that’s what the receipt says you paid for TV.

This is just another friendly reminder to check your receipts! It could save you real money!