Shoeboxed on the cover of Towerview magazine

Last week we were really excited about being in Zitty magazine in Berlin. But Shoeboxed is moving up in the world. Not only have we been featured in another magazine, but now we are on the cover! Towerview magazine, a publication put out by the Duke student newspaper, has identified us as one of the “Ten to Watch” at Duke in the coming year.

This is a big honor, considering some previous “Ten to Watch” winners have included the editor of the Internet phenomenon MediaBistro, Provost Peter Lange’s vision for Duke’s Strategic Plan, the once-upcoming Duke lacrosse rape trial, the Duke Global Health Institute, and of course, our friend Anthony Vitarelli. Needless to say, we are extremely happy about this honor.

The writer of this piece, sophomore Chelsea Allison, only communicated to us via e-mail and when we called her from the run-down Internet cafe down the street, but she managed to get everything she needed to write a great story. It’s weird to think that the conversations we had with her in those hot, small, and loud phone booths turned into such an awesome cover story.

Never before our recent launch has detailed information been publicly available, and Chelsea certainly did our product justice with her article. She wrote the article at the beginning of the month with some advanced, top-secret knowledge of the product that nobody outside the team knew. Towerview doesn’t have the opportunity to break news very often, but we’re very happy with how they handled it.

The process of putting together this particular issue was probably a little more complicated than usual because they have been switching over to a new design system this summer, and had to create a lot of their layouts from scratch.

If you are a returning Duke undergrad or a first-year Duke graduate student, you will get a copy mailed to your home address, so definitely look out for it in your mailbox. If you live on or around Duke’s campus, you can pick one up anywhere you would normally find a Chronicle.

Stay tuned for more updates about Shoeboxed making the news in the coming weeks!


Shoeboxed featured in Towerview magazine