We all know about Black Friday: the day after Thanksgiving that traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season in America. Tons of deals are unveiled in brick-and-mortar stores throughout the country to lure people inside. Doorbusters and generally reduced prices help to kick the holiday shopping season off.

Cyber Monday, then, is the Monday after Black Friday, when people supposedly return to work after Thanksgiving and shop online at their desks. Though it would be easy to think that this logic is true, there is not a whole lot of evidence that Cyber Monday is as big of a phenomenon as some make it out to be.

For example, in 2005, when the term Cyber Monday was first in widespread use by the media, the busiest online shopping day of the year was actually December 5.

So maybe it’s a myth that people spend more money online today than other days later in the holiday shopping season. But because Cyber Monday has become such a media phenomenon and marketing event. This means you might be able to find some good deals online. Make sure to send your email receipts to Shoeboxed (yourusername@shoeboxed.com)!

Walmart is one retailer with Cyber Monday advertising