Spiffy Shoeboxed Laptops

I’ll be honest, I’m not the most enthusiastic shopper. I don’t like going to the mall. Once I find a shirt I like, I will purchase one in each color and two in black to extend the time in between shopping trips.

But if there’s one thing I always fall for, it’s customized products. An iPod with my quote on the side? I’ll take it. A track suit with “Alex” printed on the derriere? Yep. A cubic zirconia mouth grill that says “Brazil”? Hello! Make it two.

This is why I had a small heart attack when the German company Dein Design gave the Shoeboxed team spiffy laptop skins with the Shoeboxed logo (you can see mine in the picture). The skins don’t just rock, they also protect your computer from scratches so it will always look like new.

Laptop skin from DeinDesign

How Dein Design actually gets the skins for laptops, iPods, or IKEA tables to apply without any bubbles is completely beyond me (something to do with the honeycomb design- yeah, no idea). How the skins can be removed without damaging my computer so I can replace them with other skins is also a mystery.

All I know is that it’s cool, individual, and available online. Which means I can buy it without setting foot in a mall and store my receipt safely at shoeboxed.com. I’ll take two, please!

Shoeboxed Visits Jordan!

Group Shot

The team has just returned from an amazing four-day trip to Amman, Jordan. We took a few friends and mixed fun with business — meeting with the members of the business community that invited us to Jordan and visiting some great tourist spots. It was everyone but Mo’s first time traveling to the Middle East, and the experience was outstanding.

Mo, one of the members of Shoeboxed’s marketing and strategy team, hails from Amman, Jordan, and was able to give us an authentic tour of some of the country’s great landmarks.

After having a delicious and very filling dinner the night we arrived, we headed out the next day to several religiously and historically significant sites in the Jordan Valley. We visited what is thought to be Jesus’ baptism site at the Jordan River (about 20 feet away from the West Bank), Moses’ death place on Mount Nebo, and the mosaic Madaba Map. Needless to say, these places were amazing to see. The religious and historical importance was almost a little hard to comprehend.

The next day we went to Petra, one of the newly named man-made Wonders of the World. It is an ancient city built in to the side of rock formations, and it is absolutely stunning. We walked for a few kilometers through a passageway in the rock formations until we arrived at the entrance to the city. It was unbelievable, especially when you think about how long ago it was built. The innovation and vision it took to decide to carve a 60-foot-high building into a rock face is pretty inspiring for a young entrepreneur.

We spent the next day in Amman, soaking up the capital city’s culture and racking up some great souvenirs.

I certainly had an amazing time, but I don’t want to try to sum up everybody’s experience myself, so I got everybody to tell me what their favorite part of the trip was.

Alexandra – “Seeing Jesus’ baptism site was very cool for me as a Catholic.”
Candace – “Having my luggage not make it back to Berlin. Oh wait…”
Cory – “Riding a camel at Petra. It’s a stepping stone to the Shooter’s bull.”
Dan (me) – “There were so many cool things, but I don’t think I will ever have better hummus.”
Etienne – “Floating in the Dead Sea. I’m not a big floater, but I didn’t have a choice.”
Julian – “Seeing a herd of wild camels when we were driving back from Petra.”
Taylor – “Interviewing a camel about shoeboxed.com (watch video)”
Tee – “Chilling on the Dead Sea beach baked in mud.”
Tomas – “Being able to see places mentioned in the Bible was a really cool experience.”

Who knows where the Shoeboxed team will be next? For now, we’re back in Berlin.

It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Shop Online!

So what are you supposed to do if you love Shoeboxed–the team, the spirit, the innovation, the product–but you just don’t feel like you shop online enough to benefit from signing up?

We think you should think again! Shoeboxed is totally worth it, even if you only buy things online a couple times a year.

I can say this with certainty because I am the same way; in fact, I don’t buy things in general unless I have to, and sometimes I don’t buy things even when I know I should (you can see the picture of my shoes in the blog archives for an example of this).

Anyway, a few days ago I remembered that my time in Berlin is drawing to a close, and that I actually need to start getting ready to go back to the good old U.S. of A. I quickly realized that I had absolutely no idea when my return flight was leaving, or even on which day the flight departed, and that it would probably be in my best interests to find that information out. Of course, my travel itinerary was nowhere to be found. However, I knew the airline had sent a copy of the flight information with my e-ticket receipt to my e-mail address. This was not exactly reassuring, though, since that e-mail was a few months old, and finding one e-mail in my inbox is like finding one specific needle in a haystack made out of other needles.

Long story short, I searched through my inbox for what felt like a really long time, and ended up asking my mom to send me her copy of my itinerary. She was not impressed.

Obviously, none of this would have happened if I had been using Shoeboxed when I bought the ticket—my e-ticket information would have been easily accessible right from the start. This experience made me realize that it doesn’t matter how often you shop online – Shoeboxed is a great tool for anyone to have.