A Safer Way to Get Organized Online

There has been a decent amount of chatter recently about the security of financial applications on the Internet. Lots of people are scared to tell a company that they don’t know what all their financial information is. We totally get that. I’m not comfortable with it either.

But I still track my online and offline spending at Shoeboxed, and it’s because I don’t have to tell anyone my personal financial data, AND I can still get all of it organized. How?

The Federal Trade Commission requires that businesses cannot print or electronically send receipts with more than the last 5 digits of a credit card number or any information regarding the expiration date. Limiting this information makes the receipt untraceable back to the credit card number and associated sensitive data. Credit card numbers and expiration dates are common targets for identity thieves and scammers, so it makes sense for businesses to exclude that information on their receipts to protect their customers.

This is important to remember when signing up for and using Shoeboxed. Many people are worried about storing financial information like credit card and bank account numbers online, but with Shoeboxed, the receipts you organize have none of that information. Nothing that you upload or send to your account would be personally identifiable, and this makes your data much more secure.

This makes Shoeboxed unique from most every other financial application on the Internet. You can get control of your finances and organize receipts with just as much ease on Shoeboxed as any other site, but with Shoeboxed, we never ask for all that sensitive data.

I Hope You Kept Your iPhone Receipt

On Wednesday, Apple announced that it will reduce the price of its much-hyped iPhone from $599 to $399 for its 8GB model. The new price is still a little out of my budget, so I don’t have one yet. It was completely different story, though, for those people that had bought them before the reduction. They were a little angry.

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, apparently got hundreds of personal e-mails from furious costumers about the price reduction. Imagine buying a full-priced iPhone on Tuesday, only to wake up to the news of the price reduction. Ouch.

In response to the outrage, Jobs, in a great PR move, posted a letter on the Apple website. In the letter, he explained that he thought his decision to reduce the price was the right move, but compromised with iPhone buyers by offering them a $100 credit that can be used toward the purchase of other Apple products.

Some people think this is brilliant, some people are just steaming mad. Over here at Shoeboxed, I’m just thinking, “I hope they have their receipts.” The only thing worse than paying $200 more than everybody else for your cell phone is losing out on the $100 of free Apple stuff too because you can’t prove that you actually bought the iPhone.

If any of these early iPhone adopters was using Shoeboxed, though, it couldn’t be easier for them to walk into the Apple store, show them their receipt and cash in on that store credit. Apple offers e-mail receipts for any purchase, no matter if it was purchased online or in one of their brick-and-mortar stores. If you bought an iPhone and had the receipt sent to Shoeboxed, you are in the clear. And if you chose to opt-out of the e-mail receipt option at Apple, you could have scanned your receipt into your Shoeboxed account, and saved it.

You never know when your receipts are going to come in handy. Who knows, that crumpled one in your wallet might be worth $100 one day…

Join Shoeboxed, Recycle Paper Receipts, Save the Planet!

What’s your ecological footprint? Different businesses have been asking themselves that question in order to better implement solutions to rising environmental issues. Here at Shoeboxed, we’ve been considering the environmental issues since day one. This environmental concern was huge motivation for Shoeboxed to launch its receipt-upload feature as early as possible.

With this unique online feature, we hope that our users can join us on a mission to promote more widespread recycling of paper receipts. No longer do you have to save that paper receipt in a folder buried in your filing cabinet. Now you can simply upload all of your paper receipts onto your personal Shoeboxed account and throw the actual receipt in a recycling bin. You will have the convenience of always being able to view your entire receipt online, while also knowing that the physical receipt can again be used thanks to the recycling process.

Most receipts are printed on recycled paper; however those receipts hardly ever go back into the recycling phase. Let’s change that together. Create your free Shoeboxed account today and do your part in making that particular aspect of our society more sustainable.