Help from Real People!

Over here at Shoeboxed, we’ve always been dedicated to the personal approach. We talk with users face-to-face, over the phone, and via e-mail everyday. We recognize how important it is to give you whatever help you need to get the most out of our service.

For a while there, all the calls that came into Shoeboxed forwarded to my personal cell phone. That resulted in some VERY early mornings, which I guess is understandable when you consider that Shoeboxed users organize receipts from all over the world, across time zones.

I’ve also spent a considerable amount of time answering e-mails from everyone who sends us one. We have a lot of users, and even a small percentage of them e-mailing us can be a heavy load, but I’ve always really enjoyed interacting with the people that use our service.

As we’ve grown, though, the volume of people contacting us–for whatever reason, from people who forgot their passwords, to people who want to tell us that we’ve come up with “the single most incredible idea I’ve ever heard” (Nic from Mississippi)–has greatly increased over time.

In order to offer the same personalized responses that you all have come to love, we are upgrading to a state-of-the-art support system, so that you can have the best possible Shoeboxed experience. We should be rolling this out over the next couple of days. Please feel free to keep contacting us at!

Resolution to Get Organized

Well I can’t believe it. 2007 is almost in the books, and we’re coming up on a whole new year.

I know people get really excited about New Years, but I don’t really buy into it all that much personally. Yeah, I’ll probably run every other day for the first couple of weeks trying to get back in shape, but I know that will probably fade away. Why? Well, mostly because I hate working out, but that’s neither here nor there. If working out were suddenly made effortless and entertaining, then I would probably do it.

What’s most frustrating about New Years resolutions is how hard it is to maintain them. I’d love to write a blog entry that rallies the masses to finally rummage through their house, find all their receipts and get them organized on January 1st, and them have them keep that organization up every day throughout the whole year. But I don’t give myself that much credit. I’m no motivational speaker, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change your unorganized ways.

Shoeboxed makes it unbelievably simple to organize your receipts. And as we all know, the easier it is, the more likely we all are to keep up the organization. Shoeboxed Mail-In is probably the best thing to come around for people that can’t keep organized since the file cabinet, and we hope you sign up for it in 2008.

Mail us your receipts, we scan them in and upload them to your account, and then send them back to you. There’s really no work on your end, and you have digital copies of all your receipts. There’s never been a better way! If nothing else, it’s a great way to organize receipts from the holidays.

Have a great 2008, and know that you can enter the new year with the realistic goal of getting organized!

Shoeboxed on Mashable Again!

Mashable was one of the first blogs to ever cover us after our launch this summer, which was really great for us. It brought us a lot of traffic that we weren’t really expecting right away. It’s one of the better-read blogs online, and we want to give a warm welcome to everybody coming from the article they wrote about us today. If all you new people have any questions, let us know at

Today, Mashable is again breaking some great news about Shoeboxed to the world. It’s the first major blog we talked to about our new Shoeboxed Mail-In service, and they are doing a big promotion with us. Everybody who comes to Shoeboxed through the link they put in the article will be eligible to get Shoeboxed Mail-In at a discount ($5/month) for the first 6 months.

This is a great deal, and we are excited to have so many people already coming to us and signing up for this awesome service. There are few entries below talking about how Shoeboxed Mail-In can help save you time and money, and maybe a little of your sanity as well, especially during this busy shopping season.

Organizing receipts has never been easier, and Shoeboxed is committed to making receipts as manageable and trackable as possible!