Durham Getting Shoutouts!

I always enjoy it when journalists write about the emerging innovative economy that we have here in Durham. We’re certainly excited to be a part of it here, and we hope it continues to expand! One particular article was written today in the Miami Herald, where Shoeboxed was featured a few months ago. The article was written by Jerry Haar and details the steps needed for Florida to revive its economy to avoid slipping into the recession looming on the country as a whole.

If we survey the nation’s most competitive regional economies, we find Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin, Seattle, San Diego and Raleigh-Durham. All are characterized by emerging, innovation-based businesses and highly skilled knowledge workers.

Great article; just wanted to share it with you.

Liveblogging from Markets for Technology Conference

One great thing about being next to Duke University is that we get to sit in on a lot of national and international conferences about topics relevant to Shoeboxed. Today, I am sitting in on a conference about intellectual property and ecommerce, two things we are obviously interested in over here.

Ecommerce Conference at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business

Conference website.

The people involved in the conference are:

Iain M. Cockburn, Professor of Finance and Economics and Everett W. Lord Distinguished Faculty Scholar in the School of Management at Boston University.

Wesley Cohen, Faculty Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business.

Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger, the former Vice President of Technical Strategy and Innovation at IBM.

Lew Zaretzki, Vice President of Consulting Services at ThinkFire

Tony Tramontin, an Associate Principal in McKinsey & Company’s New York office.

James E. Malackowski, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Tomo, LLC, an integrated Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc firm.

They are talking pretty theoretically right now about what defines and determines markets. Will there be a more efficient and and pure market for intellectual property somewhere in the future? Right now, we are seeing a lot of “patent trolls” for example, that buy up a lot of IP, but do not use them right away, causing the market to be less efficient. Is this bad? Should it change? Will it?

More to come in the comments section…

Get Things Done (GTD) With Shoeboxed

David Allen is a widely popular author who preaches the concept of GTD, or Getting Things Done. He is a thought leader in the area of personal productivity, and I’ve been meaning to mention him and his suggestions on the blog for awhile now. For a limited time, we are offering to send you a FREE David Allen book! If you buy a membership to our Receipt Mail-In program for $9, we will send you a free copy of David Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done.”

Shoeboxed giving out free David Allen GTD book

Here are some of the core principles, as noted on his website:

* Capturing anything and everything that has your attention
* Defining actionable things discretely into outcomes and concrete next steps
* Organizing reminders and information in the most streamlined way, in appropriate categories, based on
how and when you need to access them
* Keeping current and “on your game” with appropriately frequent reviews of the six horizons of your
commitments (purpose, vision, goals, areas of focus, projects, and actions)

He also has some interesting things to say about receipts:

If your receipts are all over the place, your filing system is chaotic, and your in-basket is dysfunctional, it just seems like too much work to do to find and organize the tasks at hand.


We’ll probably want to claim deductions, but if we do we’ll have to back them up, and that means we’ll need all the receipts. Oh, my God! I don’t know if we really have all the receipts we’d need and what if we didn’t have all the receipts but we claimed the deductions anyway and we got audited? Audited? Oh, no – the IRS’s JAIL!!

Anyway, Shoeboxed is not just about getting your receipts organized and manageable. We’re big supporters of any life hacks out there that can help you get other parts of your life more organized or make you more productive.

And that’s why we have the new offer: If you buy a membership to our Receipt Mail-In program for $9, we will send you a free copy of David Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done.”

Update: Oct. 14, 2008 — Offer expired, and dead links removed.