Saving Trees by Organizing Receipts

Shoeboxed is dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability. You might wonder where we’re coming from on this one: I mean, we do organize receipts, which are made of paper, which comes from trees. Without the destruction of trees, we wouldn’t exist, right? WRONG!

Save the trees!

We recognize that individual action needs to be taken in order to develop the environmentally-conscious attitude needed to preserve our natural resources, and using Shoeboxed is one way you can take a stand for the environment. By using Shoeboxed, YOU can start acting NOW to change things and make our lives more sustainable. Here’s how:

1. Scan in paper receipts to Shoeboxed and then recycle them. We had so many people contact us and tell us about how many thousands of receipts they are keeping around their houses. One woman emailed me the other day saying she had been saving every single receipt she has ever received since she was 7. Now that is a lot of paper. Digitize receipts and then recycle! Our Receipt Mail-In program makes this easy. Under our normal rates, you can send us hundreds of receipts at a time, and with special bulk pricing, you can mail in a lot more than that.

2. In the long term, Shoeboxed hopes to make the world free of paper receipts, and allow you to skip right to the digital copy. With your support of our current projects, you will make this happen more quickly, and the receipt revolution will accelerate!

I wanted to share some interesting facts with you about receipt paper usage in the United States every year, because I think they really drive home the point.

Basic Facts:

1 Ton of Paper = 17 Trees

220,000 tons of receipt paper are produced each year in the USA alone

220,000 tons of receipt paper = 3,740,000 trees cut ONLY for receipts EVERY YEAR

By recycling your receipts after putting them online on your personal and secure Shoeboxed account, you will not save only trees.

1 Ton of paper also represents:
– 6953 gallons of water
– 463 gallons of oil
– 587 pounds of air pollution
– 3.06 cubic yards of landfill space
– 4077 Kilowatt hours of energy

By using Shoeboxed regularly, imagine how many trees you can save every year. Start eliminating paper receipts today! And with Shoeboxed, you’re not just helping to preserve the earth’s invaluable natural habitats, you’ll also benefit from using the premier receipt organization service online. It’s kind of no-brainer.

Let Me Make Returns!

My dad is famous in our family for being able to return anything to a store, no matter whether he has a receipt or not, whether the product was used or not, and with total disregard for company return policies. We’re not really sure how he manages to do it. For the rest of us who aren’t lawyers by training, returning something without the receipt can be a huge annoyance. There’s really no reason that companies should require receipts for returns anymore. Come on, people. We’re living in the 21st Century; there has to be a better way to prove that you bought something.

Just to prove what we already know, here is part of Best Buy’s return policy:

Your original receipt is required for all returns, exchanges, price matches and warranty repair services.

But Best Buy, one of the most popular technology retailers in the country, probably has pretty sophisticated sales tracking systems, right? Their cash registers are actually pretty powerful computers, and they’re connected to the Internet. Wikipedia explains the industry standard for cash registers these days:

Today, these machines… record the transaction in detail including each item purchased, record the method of payment, keep totals for each product or type of product sold as well as total sales for specified periods, and do other tasks as well.

Currently, many cash registers… may be accessed remotely for the purpose of obtaining records or troubleshooting.

So if Best Buy is tracking your purchase, the price and the method of payment, why shouldn’t you have the option of returning something just with your driver’s license and credit/debit card. If I go up the register and say, “Hi, my name is Dan Englander and I bought some Boss headphones last week. In fact, here they are in their original packaging. Anyway, I’d like to return them,” then I should be able to return them! I am logged in their system! The paper receipt is totally unnecessary.

At Shoeboxed we are revolutionizing the way you organize your receipts, but it’s part of a bigger consumer revolution. We want you to have more control over retailers and be able to make the shopping experience more about YOU. Updates to come.

Shoeboxed Radio Interview on KRLD 1080. Listen in!

We’re used to receiving inquiries from bloggers and print media representatives who want to write about Shoeboxed, and we really enjoy every opportunity to put our message out there and reach out to existing and future members. But today we got the opportunity to spread the word of Shoeboxed via a different medium: Radio!

A few hours ago we were on our first radio show which aired on Dallas KRLD 1080. The show is a running series called CEO Spotlight, which typically interviews someone from the senior management of a publicly traded/Fortune 500 company. The episode before us was an interview with the CEO of technology giant Texas Instruments. Needless to say, it is exciting (and an honor) that Shoeboxed was asked to be on the show!

CEO Spotlight Screenshot 2/18/08

Go here to listen to the interview as an .mp3 file: Downloadable .mp3