Shoeboxed Field Trip!

Well, we’ve never been shy about our obsession with Duke University. Most of us are Duke graduates, and some of us are current students there. So it made a lot of sense that when we wanted to get some photos taken of the team that we turned to Duke students. I mean, it was without question that we’d find a talented photographer from the obscenely talented and involved Duke student body. We were very impressed with what we found. Chase Olivieri, a freshman at Duke, took us all around downtown Durham today and took some great shots of us.

Shoeboxed Team

Dan Englander and Taylor Mingos

Julia Sullivan!

To check out some more of our photos, check out our Flickr account. There are photos from pretty much our whole history, including our summer in Berlin and our team trip to Jordan.

New Receipt Mail-In Affiliate Program

We took a much-anticipated first step into the world of affiliate marketing last Friday, when we launched our first Affiliate Program for Receipt Mail-In. We joined the ranks of the ShareASale merchant community, which has opened our doors to a vast network of websites. In conjunction with this, I would like to publicly invite anyone with a website, blog, or e-mail list that is relevant to our services to check out what our Receipt Mail-In Affiliate program has to offer.

Commisssion Package:

We pay up to $30 per new mail-in customer directed through links on your site, blog, or email list, with a 60 day grace period. We have installed cookies to track where and when a customer originally came to our site, to add bonus capabilities unique to our program. With ShareASale simultaneously following the tracking codes and assisting transactions, you are guaranteed to receive every cent you earn in this program!

Strong Creatives:

We have applied our advertising expertise to our banners, links, and landing pages, to optimize the click through rate. Additionally we love to work directly with our affiliates to develop creatives that work better on their individual websites, blogs or e-mail lists. As a result of this teamwork, you will get the benefit of well-executed advertising – higher returns!

Auto Approval:
You can get start earning immediately! As soon as you sign up, you are cleared to begin adding creatives to your site. Because we saw the opportunity to get results immediately as an enormous plus, we have agreed to override time-consuming application processes. There are only a select number of programs out that immediately give you the opportunity to start earning.

Affiliate Support:
As affiliate manager, I vow to be as involved as you will let me. I will celebrate with you or come to your aid, as needed. I see teamwork as the best way to get results. In addition to working with you and Shoeboxed’s other affiliates, I will be out there in all the affiliate forums reading and taking advice. I strive to be the best affiliate manager the internet has ever seen! I am honored to already have some strong affiliate relationships and I am eager to build more!


Julia Sullivan

Affiliate Manager

Receipt Mail-In Pricing Updates

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to let everybody know of a small pricing change we are making to Receipt Mail-In. The price per month is still the same: $19.95. Now, though, you can pay for each individual month individually instead of prepaying 3, 6, or 12 months at a time.

For a limited time, we are offering membership in Receipt Mail-In for $9.95 for the first month. After that, the regular price kicks in. You can cancel any time in the first month with no extra charge. After the first month and before the seventh month of your membership, there will be a cancellation fee of $15.

We are no longer accepting PayPal as a payment, though if you have already paid through PayPal, that’s obviously a-ok with us. Now we are accepting payment online with credit or debit cards through a third party, secure service. We are not processing or collecting (or even seeing) your credit card information. You can also pay for Receipt Mail-In by putting a check in your envelope.

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