Shoeboxed: College Mogul

Thanks to the guys at College Mogul for the feature yesterday. With the growing success of Shoeboxed and Receipt Mail-In, many are noticing the great strides that Shoeboxed has taken and are really identifying with our long-term vision to free you from receipt hassle. As we move forward, we will continue to simplify the transition from cluttery and outdated paper receipts to clean, green, and online financial organization.

We look forward to the day that paper receipts are eliminated, but I’m pretty excited about some our newest developments. Not only has the website grown and become super easy to use, but we’ve successfully launched our molten-hot Receipt Mail-In program, the easiest way in the world to get your receipts digitized and organized. We’re the new best friend to business travelers and small business owners, who want the time and organizational advantages of paperless record keeping. We look forward to wholeheartedly serving our small business friends – and saving them money – for a long time to come.

But Receipt Mail-In isn’t just for the business world. Everyday, regular Americans sign up to get their receipts organized for taxes, donations, reimbursements, everyday budgeting, and insurance purposes. A basic plan for Mail-In, which starts at only $9.95 a month, lets everybody in on the fun. With looming recession, it’s more important than ever for Americans to have the tools to understand their expenses.

Shoeboxed can save you time and money. Make sure you don’t miss out.

Earth Day Local Press

The other day, we were featured in both local papers here in Durham about our Earth Day promotion, and I just wanted to show you all the link from one of them. Sue Stock from the News and Observer wrote about us here. The other article in the Herald Sun requires a subscription online, but was a great story about the green initiatives of companies here in downtown Durham.

Shoeboxed will help you recycle your receipts!

Making waves, people. Making waves.

Calling Bill Gates

It’s tough being the Shoeboxed chauffeurs. Executive orders this morning left some important details out, nonetheless we pulled out the sign: “ for Bill Gates” and got to work. We patiently waited by the baggage claim.

For some reason, people were shocked that Bill was coming. People quickly found their movie cameras and filmed away. Others pointed, laughed, and some even pretended not to care, although their eyes were glued to the sign. Head of RDU security stopped us. “You should go check the millionaire’s baggage claim back there!”

Despite the attention we drew, we couldn’t find him in Terminal A or the Millionaire’s baggage cliam. We even checked the restrooms, phone booths, and by the soda machines. So we headed to Terminal C.

In Terminal C, we set up shop at the foot of the escalators by the baggage claim. As people rode down the escalator, jaws dropped, minds were boggled, conversations were dropped. Still, no Bill.

Maybe he’ll make it tomorrow.

Workin\' it at the airport

Even though we didn’t find him, we definitely got some interesting looks, and people made some pretty memorable comments.

The funniest statements:

“Oh my lord… Bill Gates is coming to town? I’ve been filming a YouTube documentary on my trip. Mind if I include this? Also, remind him to support the baby boomer generation of women, when he comes.”

“Daddy, what’s”

“You must’ve missed the executive airport!”
“No, Bill is a man of the people”-Etienne

“Which flight was he on? I didn’t see him” – Random Traveler
“Really? He was wearing a T-Shirt!” – Etienne

The looks we got were priceless.