Probably Need Your Apple Receipt Again

We tend to praise Apple around here, not only because they make good computers, but also because they give you the option of getting an email receipt when you buy something from one of their physical stores. We think that’s pretty forward-thinking, and we think that’s cool.

Whatever format you get your Apple receipt in, though, it’s pretty important to keep it. We wrote last summer about how iPhone owners could get a partial refund on their phones after Apple lowered the iPhone’s price. This came with one catch: you had to have your receipt. Shoeboxed users danced in the streets, obviously; they had their receipts tucked away in their Shoeboxed accounts.

Now there’s another high-profile instance from Apple that proves the point about how important receipts can be for getting reimbursed for stuff. Apple is settling a class-action lawsuit about (possibly) defective power cords in their Powerbook and iBook laptops. Read more:

What’s this About?

The lawsuit claimed that the Adapter included with or sold for the Subject Computers is defective in that it allegedly “dangerously frays, sparks and prematurely fails to work.” Apple denies all allegations and has asserted many defenses. Apple is entering into this settlement to avoid burdensome and costly litigation. The settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing.

What can you Get from the Settlement?

Apple has agreed to provide a cash payment to Class Members who purchased a Replacement Adapter due to the failure of the Adapter included with or sold for a Subject Computer covered by the settlement and who send in a valid Claim Form. For failures within the first year following the initial retail purchase of the Subject Computer, the settlement requires that you attempted to have the failed Adapter replaced or repaired under warranty by Apple and such request was denied by Apple for a reason other than user abuse.

The settlement provides for different cash payments depending on when the Adapter included with or sold for your Subject Computer failed.

The settlement only applies to a Replacement Adapter purchased during the first three years following the initial retail purchase of the Subject Computer, and before May 31, 2009.

It’s unclear what exactly you’ll have to prove about your purchase of the replacement adapter, but I’m guessing they’ll need to see that receipt. I don’t have a Powerbook, but I’m saving my MacBook receipt for a rainy day… in Shoeboxed.

My receipt for my MacBook

Better Filing

There are a fair number of websites out there that want to let you know how you can organize your paper. A lot of times, I can’t help but chuckle a little bit. They’ll give you great ways to set up folders and labels and a schedule whereby you’ll spend hours and hours a month stuffing paper into nicely labeled drawers. Come on people, there’s a better way!

The old way:

Use complicated filing systems with pre-determined categories and subcategories to decide where to file a single receipt.

The Shoeboxed way:

Instead of folders, we use “shoeboxes” to give you the same managability, but with more flexibility. In Shoeboxed, a single receipt can be in several shoeboxes, so you’re not forced to pick one specific category for each receipt. That way, if a receipt falls under more than one category, you can find it in any shoebox that you’ve added it to.

Shoeboxes give you an extra bonus too — put your receipts to work! You can view graphs of relevant spending trends at the bottom of each shoebox. Use them to understand and analyze your spending behavior!

It’s easy to create, edit or delete Shoeboxes, and you don’t have to worry about deleting receipts, when deleting Shoeboxes. To start organizing right away, click on the following link:

Don’t have enough receipts in your account to use shoeboxes to their full potential? Take advantage of our unique receipt scanning service. Learn more.

Not Just Receipt Scanning

If you’ve been using Shoeboxed for awhile, it can be easy to forget that Shoeboxed isn’t just about scanning receipts. There’s a lot to Shoeboxed, and I’d like to point out some of my favorite things about the site over the next couple of days on the blog.

So, without further adieu:

Using Shoeboxed will revolutionize how you track expenses. Here’s some of the many wonderful things you can do with your new account:

1. Build a comprehensive view of your spending habits when you add images of your receipts, use your new account, [username], to shop, or even mail in your receipts and have us scan them
2. Use a flexible new filing system of shoeboxes to budget and see how you are spending your money
3. Prepare your expense reports, taxes, and insurance claims faster and more easily
4. Share Shoeboxed receipts when you invite friends and coworkers to win a free t-shirt

If you’re just getting to know Shoeboxed, poke around our site for awhile. If you’re a veteran, treat this as just a reminder of all the great features we have. Sometimes its hard to remember they’re all there!

It saves time and money!