Servers Refueling = Captions Contest (Obviously)

As you may have noticed, we’re doing a little work on our servers this evening. We’re putting the finishing touches on a fix that will improve our server performance and get another server up and running. Friday nights in the Shoeboxed office: a great place to be.

Sorry to have to take the site down for a couple of hours, but these improvements will hopefully be visible to you, the user. We’re never going to stop trying to give you a better Shoeboxed. If you have any questions during this time, feel free to give us a call at (888) 369-4269 or email us at

While we’re waiting, let’s do a caption contest in the comments section! Seriously I don’t even know where to begin, but I’ll take a crack at it too.

Have a great weekend!


You might want to sit down for this. We’re about to announce our best prize EVER.

An IPHONE is on the line today, people. Get ready. We’ve got an iPhone sitting in our office, and we’re just waiting to give it out.

So who will be the lucky winner? Well, here’s how it’s going to work.

If you can talk with 5 people and have them sign up for Receipt Mail-In (any level plan), you’ll be eligible to win!

By participating, you’ll have a great chance of winning this unbelievable piece of technology.

Shoeboxed Giving Away an iPhone

So talk to everyone you know, get your boss or your employees to sign up, give your kids Mail-In for their birthdays, heck, buy it for yourself! Anything you can do to sign people up gets you that much closer to owning the coolest phone in the world!

Once you think you’ve gotten 5 people to sign up, email us their names, and we’ll double check to make sure they’ve signed up. Once you have 5, you’re automatically entered.

I’m so excited! Somebody’s getting an IPHONE!!!

Shoeboxed In The Men’s Room

A lawyer at one of the larger firms around here sent us a pretty funny email the other day that was definitely worth sharing. It’s about his experience at our local airport, RDU.

I just hit the men’s room at RDU before hopping on my flight tonight. Each urinal had a business card on top of it.

Don’t really have anything else to add, except that the guy at the urinal next to me took the card off his urinal. I didn’t stick around to see if you guys have someone nearby that runs in an replaces the cards. : )

Hope all’s well.

First of all, this is absolutely hysterical and a testament to our off-the-wall marketing team. Secondly, we may or may not have been passing out flyers at the airport. It is possible that there are some Shoeboxed fans roaming the terminal bathrooms at RDU leaving flyers in unsuspecting places. Who knows where they came from :).

With regard to the runners who come in and replace the cards: that’s one of the funniest mental images I’ve had in a while, so props to our lawyer friend who literally made me laugh out loud.

I wonder if the guy who picked the card up at the urinal ended up signing up. If you’re the guy and you can somehow prove it, we want to hear from you!