Friendly Reminders

Just wanted to take today’s blog to give out a couple of reminders (for our veteran users) and just useful tips (for the surge of new users we’ve had recently).

As you explore and start getting your receipts organized, I wanted to remind you that you can call us for help any time.

Call us if you ever need help, have a suggestion, or are interested in learning how Shoeboxed Receipt Mail-In can work for you, no matter how many receipts you have.

Real people answer the phone and we’re happy to help. Call us at (888) 369-4269. We generally work from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. EST though there is often someone here 24 hours a day that can help you out.

Also, because we want to help you get organized above all else and because we think you’ll love our Receipt Mail-In service, we offer a special deal on our year-long membership.

Sign up today to get two months of Receipt Mail-In for free (up to $120 in savings).

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Receipts for Travel

Did you know that commercial airlines will reimburse you for lost luggage? In many cases, they’ll need you to show them receipts for what you had in the bag. How are you going to have all those random receipts handy for such a situation? Receipt Mail-In obviously.

It seems that anyone who’s flown on a commercial airline has a lost luggage horror story. I’ve had a couple of problems with my luggage not meeting me here when I land in Raleigh-Durham, but for the most part I think I’ve been pretty lucky. I’ve spent four out of the last five summers abroad, and I’ve never lost a bag on one of those trips.

If I were to lose my bag now though, I’d be able to get reimbursed for anything that was in the bag, just by showing my receipts to the airline. I have them all archived and organized on Shoeboxed through our scanning service, Receipt Mail-In.

Linda Burbank wrote a really helpful column in USA Today about this issue, and offers up some good info:

Airlines provide partial reimbursement for interim expenses when luggage is delayed or lost. Usually, reimbursement is capped, often at about $25 a day. United reimburses up to 50% of costs for replacement clothing and toiletries, provided passengers submit receipts. But no airline pays damages based on the inconvenience of not having your luggage.

United reviewed Gavend’s claim and agreed to make an exception to its policy. It sent her a check for $874, the amount for which the family still had receipts.

You never know when those receipts are going to come in handy. Having a complete scanned archive of your receipts is the only way to avoid these kinds of situations.

Free Taco Day At Jack In The Box: Bring Your Receipt

Many people think that is important to save receipts for things like taxes and expense reports. While that may be true, the real reason we keep all those receipts is for days like yesterday.

Yesterday was Two Free Tacos Day at Jack in the Box. You could get two free tacos if you bring any gas receipt to a Jack in the Box restaurant.

Responding to high gas prices, Jack has not only pulled of a great marketing ploy (you’re probably going to get more than the tacos, which are only 99 cents anyway), but he’s using the internet to spread the word. There is an AdWords campaign running about it, they have a landing page for it, an embedded video announcement, and a friend invite feature.

I’m hating the high gas prices, but I’m loving the tacos, I’m loving the fact that they require you to have a receipt, and I’m loving how they are using the web to spread the word.