Trash Receipts on Shoeboxed

One feature that we have released on the website without really talking about much is Trash Receipts. Since we wanted to create a place for your receipts to go (Get it? That’s our tagline.), we wanted a place for your unwanted receipts to go as well. There are some receipts that can be annoying to have in your account, let’s be totally honest.

When you send in duplicate receipts for us to scan in Receipt Mail-In for example, we scan both, but you might not actually want them in there. Now when you delete receipts, they will be put out of the way in your Trash Receipts. You can navigate to Trash Receipts through the left-hand side nav.

Trash Receipts are saved and archived on Shoeboxed

Happy Birthday Shoeboxed!

I’m going to need some cake and candles immediately. Also, a party hat would be great. Why? Not that I need a reason, but Shoeboxed is celebrating its first birthday today!

We’ve been working on this idea since 2006, but we finally launched our original open beta version of Shoeboxed one year ago today.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last year: our users, investors, friends, family, and late-night security guards! We couldn’t have done it without you!

To celebrate, we starting a free trial of Shoeboxed today. Sign up now and you’ll get 30 days free to try out Shoeboxed Receipt Mail-In!

Shoeboxed Free Trial

We should have birthdays more often.

Shoeboxed Demo Video

Another feature requested by users is now available on Shoeboxed! Because there are many features on Shoeboxed, and many powerful tools for organizing your scanned and emailed receipts, it’s easy to forget each one.

To help explain everything a little better, head on over to our new demo video.

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