Shoeboxed for Audits

I talk to a lot of people that need to organize their receipts. Most of them are interested in having their receipts in digital form so that they can have them accessible whenever they need them. Having a receipt backup or archive seems very important to a lot of people. But what’s behind this desire to have all your receipts organized? Why are we compelled to save and organized?

Well, some people just like to save. Having peace of mind is important to a lot of people. But there is a very real reason to have an accessible backup of your receipts: an audit.

If you are ever audited, all the receipts that you have organized in Shoeboxed will make the process of defending your audit easy (assuming you were truthful in you filings). Unless you want to rely on the possibility that all the receipts you are keeping in that big box in your office is a complete record, or that you’ll be able to sift through all your receipts if necessary, Shoeboxed can help.

And in case you’d like to be reminded what a bad audit looks like, look no further than the Georgia Department of Transportation’s audit.

Hit By A Hurricane? You May Be Eligible For Tax Relief.

Like most Americans, we have been thinking about all the people Texas and the Southeast that have been ravaged with inclement weather over the past few weeks. Here in North Carolina, we almost got smacked by Tropical Storm Hannah, but only had a good amount of rain.

In the wake of these storms, though, I thought it might be useful for some of you to remind you of some benefits you may be able to receive if you were a storm victim.

You may qualify to receive a refund for your 2007 taxes because of deductible disaster-related losses from the recent hurricanes. You’ll need to keep those receipts to show to the IRS, though. Learn more on the IRS website, and searching for “Tropical Storm Fay” or “Hurricane Ike” or by calling the agency’s disaster helpline, (800) TAX-FORM and they can mail you additional information and instructions.

Though it may be too late for many, Shoeboxed users will understand the value of keeping their receipts in a secure, remote location on Shoeboxed’s servers. By having your information online and secure, you’ll be sure to get the refunds and savings you deserve from both the IRS, and from insurance companies that protect your property.

Use Gmail Filters to Auto-forward Receipts to Shoeboxed

With Gmail, it is easy to set up filters that will automatically forward certain email messages to another address based on rules that you set. This can be helpful for use with Shoeboxed, as you can train your Gmail account to forward email receipts to Shoeboxed, where they can be better organized into categories, generate statistics, and be integrated with your paper receipts.

I went through and created what is hopefully a handy guide to help you set up filtering on your Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, but you want one, you can sign up for free at Let’s get started!

  1. In your account, click on “Settings” in the top right corner.
  2. Click on “Filters” tab and then click “Create a new filter”
  3. Here is where Gmail asks you to set up rules for which emails it should automatically forward to Shoeboxed. I played around with this for a little bit using their “Test Search” feature, but I had pretty good success with putting “receipt” OR “purchase in the Subject field and revolution OR alert OR “You Have a New” in the “Doesn’t have” field. This makes it so that anything with the words receipt or purchase in the subject line will be forwarded on. The words that I chose for the “Doesn’t have” category rule out blog updates (because our blog is called Receipt Revolution), Google Alerts that I get for receipt-related info, and of course, notifications from Shoeboxed that I get when I have new receipts.
  4. Click “Next Step” and you’ll be taken to a page with more settings. Click the checkbox “Forward it to:” and enter in your Shoeboxed email address ( and click “Create Filter”. If you want to send in all your past email receipts, also check the box “Also apply filter to ## conversations below.”
  5. Wait and watch the email receipts come into your Shoeboxed account!