Web Clipper Extension for Google Chrome Released!

Ahoy Chrome Shoeboxers!

Now you can sendShoeboxed Web Clipper Chrome Extension documents to Shoeboxed directly from your browser with our new Chrome Web Clipper Extension! Simply clip images of receipts, business cards and bills directly from your browser and submit them to Shoeboxed for immediate processing.

You can download the extension here and it will install a convenient Shoeboxed icon in the top right hand corner of your browser. To submit, simply click the Shoeboxed icon, choose “Clip Screen” and adjust the white box so it covers everything you would like to be processed. When you click “Upload” your document will instantly be sent to Shoeboxed for processing! This is a great way to submit order confirmation pages or e-receipts for online purchases to Shoeboxed.

Tip: Zooming in or out on the document will allow you to fit it into the white box. Please make sure all the crucial info of your document fits before clicking upload!

If you have any feedback or questions about the Shoeboxed Web Clipper for Chrome please reach us 24/7 at help@team.shoeboxed.com or give us a shout on Twitter @ShoeboxedHelp.

Stay Organized,
The Shoeboxed Team

Best Practices for Collecting Reimbursable Expenses from Clients

Shoeboxed Nation!

We wrote a guest post on the  Freshbooks blog with tips for collecting reimbursable expenses from clients, and we thought we would share it with you.

In case you didn’t know already, Freshbooks is the easiest way to invoice your clients and get paid faster. Hundreds of small businesses and freelancers use Shoeboxed and Freshbooks together to free themselves from paperwork and focus on their work. Both Shoeboxed and Freshbooks have free trials, so check both out if you haven’t already, and tell us what you think of the integration!

You can read the full post here. Some things you will learn:

  • Three key rules to make collecting reimbursable expenses from clients a breeze.
  • How to avoid common mistakes that could lose you money, your client or both!
  • What expenses should your clients pay for?
  • What is the optimal way of billing for reimbursable expenses from a tax perspective?
  • Should I submit an expense report? (OK, this is an easy one, the answer is Yes. Why wouldn’t you? It creates goodwill all around, and it only takes one click with Shoeboxed.)

If you have any other tips or comments, please leave them below. We’d love to hear them!

Stay Organized,
The Shoeboxed Team

Shoeboxed and Outright Want to Know: What’s more fun than doing your taxes?

Hey Shoeboxers!

We’ve teamed up with Outright again to make your tax season a little more fun. If you’ve already finished preparing your taxes… congratulations to all three of you in the entire country! For those of us who have been busy finding any excuse to postpone the inevitable, this contest should be a piece of cake.

All you have to do is tell us what you would rather be doing instead of taxes! Comment on this post with the following: “I would rather be [insert your answer] than doing my taxes.”

On Tuesday, April 10, we will randomly select one entry to win a free year of Outright Plus!

EVERYONE’S A WINNER!  Even if you don’t win, you can still try Outright and  Shoeboxed for free! There is no better way to prepare for Tax Time.

About Outright: Outright.com is the easiest way to manage your business finances online. Outright allows you to seamlessly integrate your business bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal and ecommerce accounts like eBay and Amazon in order to effortlessly keep track of your business finances, see where your money comes from and where it goes, and quickly and easily fill out your Schedule C tax form at the end of the year. Sign up for a free Outright account today for a less taxing tax time!

About Shoeboxed: Shoeboxed scans your receipts, extracts and human-verifies all the data you need for taxes, bookkeeping and expense reports. They also create a secure, digital, IRS-accepted archive of all your receipts in case you ever get audited. You can send documents through the mail in one of their pre-paid envelopes, by e-mail, with one of their free uploaders or from one of their Android, iPhone or iPad apps. Shoeboxed integrates seamlessly with Outright.