De-cluttering and De-stressing the Lives of Countless Entrepreneurs

In this User Success Story, we interviewed Kate Ross of Ross Business Management about starting a business, working with small business owners, and how she uses Shoeboxed to simplify and de-clutter her business and those of her clients.

KM: There is never a dull moment in the office. Some days are filled with listening to new music from clients and having a meeting about their cash flow management; some days are quieter (but not that quiet since I bring my rescue greyhound, Pika, to work with me every day). Everyone tells you that when you start a business, you wear a million different hats to make sure things run smoothly, and it is true. I also love that I am able to attract business through making connections and in spending time doing the things that I enjoy doing in my everyday life. I learn about 15 new things a day which would never happen in a corporate setting. I get to work with people that I believe will be successful and help contribute to their community in some way. Ultimately, I want to empower people to feel strong and confident about their finances so that they can do what they themselves feel strong and confident about.

65703_956602089665_2028148557_nSBX: You are lucky that you get to work in such a fun environment! How did you find out about Shoeboxed and decide to take the plunge?

KR: I found Shoeboxed through a client. I am not sure how he found it but I will ask!

SBX: Well your client sounds like a smart person. How do you use Shoeboxed to manage your business and for your clients?

KR: Shoeboxed has been amazing for us – I am a partner in an audio visual company that requires technicians to be out in the field for weeks at a time, and they use their phones to submit receipts and track everything. It makes managing their finances infinitely easier! In our office we primarily use the email account.

SBX: It’s great to hear that our service simplifies tracking receipts! Do you use it for anything else?

KR: Yes, we use it for bookkeeping to reconcile what the books say with what our record of receipts says. It’s helpful to have the digital versions on hand.

SBX: Bookkeeping reconciliation is a very useful perk of Shoeboxed. Do we make it easier for your business to grow? How so?

KR: Our business is almost entirely cloud based, and we highly recommend a cloud based strategy for all of our clients. We recommend a suite of products that allows people to run their businesses from anywhere there is internet connectivity, including Shoeboxed.

Not only is this a green option for businesses, but it makes tracking, organizing, and understanding the health of your business literally a few clicks away. Having info right in front of you is paramount, especially in a small business. It also allows for greater transparency and communication with the business so that employees and leaders of the company are in the loop and up to date.

SBX: You are definitely right about that. Cloud based technology is a great organizational tool. Do you have any other helpful tips for staying organized or tackling paper clutter?

KR: Don’t have paper clutter by committing to a cloud based system of tracking everything in the office. With paper that you truly do need to keep around, label clearly, consistently and intuitively, so that as your business grows the management and organization of the paperwork is easy to maintain and reference.

SBX: Those are great tips. Thank you so much for talking with us today Kate! We’re honored to be a part of your business as it grows and we wish you many years of de-cluttered success!

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Until then, stay tuned… and stay organized!

Author: Emily Farrar

At Shoeboxed, Emily focuses on keeping our users happy and engaged. She is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Public Relations and an avid Tar Heels fan. She enjoys traveling, staying active and spending time with her six-year-old Maltese, Madam.