Dramatic Tale of Identity Theft

The media doesn’t always focus on the important things. As much as I enjoy reading a detailed description of Paris Hilton’s ritzy jail cell, I think we can all agree that these stories don’t have much bearing on our everyday lives.

But every once and a while, when the moon and stars align, the press decides to focus on an issue that has real significance. Recently, the media has looked to expose the many different faces of identity theft, writing stories that educate and inform readers about this growing problem.

Last week, the San Francisco Chronicle reported another instance of stolen identity – but one with an unusually personal twist. According to the article, Karen Lodrick realized that she was standing behind the woman who stole her identity when she noticed the nice suede jacket. Lodrick had only ever seen the coat once before – in a surveillance video of the thief from six months earlier. A forty-five minute chase followed in which Lodrick and police chased the woman to a parking lot where she finally collapsed from exhaustion. In the end, it turned out that the identity thief was a postal worker with a master key who had accessed Karen Lodrick’s mailbox.

This story does a particularly good job of identifying the emotions that can come with having your identity stolen – and in the case of Karen, how these feelings ultimately erupted in a chase scene straight out of Hollywood. But the article failed to recommend any realistic protective measures that would help people avoid becoming victims in the future. I’d like to think that I shouldn’t have to chase my identity down the street.

And this is why I’m so excited for Shoeboxed to launch. It will finally allow individuals to sign up for a service that automatically protects them from the dangers of online identity fraud.

Identity theft is a real problem, and we have a real solution.