Just wanted to give you a quick update on how our Earth Day celebrations at Shoeboxed went. Obviously, we’re very interested in helping the environment, and thus, encouraging people to recycle their receipts was a no-brainer. As you may remember, we asked people to mail in their receipts so they could be shredded and taken (by foot, bike, or Prius) to the local recycling plant.

We received an overwhelming response, as both local papers (The News & Observer and The Herald Sun) wrote stories about the event.

One elementary school teacher even turned it into a class project. It looks like all the kids in her class gathered up receipts and brought them in to school. They all combined their efforts to save some trees, and we were really proud to see that a new generation of Shoeboxers is ready, willing, and able to do their part in the fight against receipt clutter!

If you’re interested in doing a similar kind of activity at your place of work, or in your home, let us know. I’d be glad to help you out; just send me an email at dan@team.shoeboxed.com!