eBook Review: The Ultimate Toolkit for the Evolutionary Entrepreneur

It seems like everyday that a new online solution arrives on the scene promising to help business owners save time and money. Some of these tools are truly revolutionary, while others end up creating more problems than they solve. So how do you know which tools and services will be right for you and your business? You could spend hours searching the web for tips and reviews, and poring over articles like, “10 Tools to Manage Your Inbox” and “15 Online Solutions for Bookkeeping,” or you could do yourself a favor and just read The Ultimate Toolkit for the Evolutionary Entrepreneur.

Written by entrepreneur and business strategist Natalie Sisson, The Toolkit is designed to be a one-stop shop for the best online tools and services for every major area of business. All of the 85 tools highlighted have been thoroughly researched and tested by Sisson, and recommended by other entrepreneurs. Instead of overwhelming you with multiple tools for each business need, this book keeps things simple with only two recommendations per category, one for the best paid tool and one for the best free tool. It cuts through technical jargon and clearly explains what the tools can do, what they are best for, and who will benefit most from them. The book also provides real life examples of how other entrepreneurs have used the tools to streamline their businesses and get ahead of the competition.

Our recommendation: Whether you’re an adventurer who wants to run your business from abroad or a small town business owner looking for ways to save time and money, you’ll find everything you need to know about using online tools for business in this book. Get your copy of The Ultimate Toolkit for the Evolutionary Entrepreneur here!

More about Natalie Sisson: As the founder of The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson works to find new and innovative ways that entrepreneurs can use online tools, social media and outsourcing to run their businesses from anywhere in the world and stay ahead of the competition. She is a regular contributor to Forbes, Under30CEO and Young Entrepreneur, a Visa Business Network mentor, and a Young Entrepreneur Council Member.

Author: Caitlin Hourigan

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