Evernote Lets You Search Text On Your Shoeboxed Receipts and Business Cards

Shoeboxed is excited to announce the launch of a new direct integration with Evernote, a great service that allows you to remember anything and access it on the Web, on the desktop, or on a smart phone. Now you can send receipts and business cards directly from Shoeboxed into Evernote, where all the printed and handwritten text from the documents will be made searchable and accessible across all of Evernote-supported platforms. Using this integration is free for all users!

What is Evernote?

Evernote helps you remember everything. Upload photos, notes, and other documents that you want to remember. Evernote makes all the text searchable and indexable so you can easily find what you need in this “virtual brain”.

Use Evernote to Remember Everything
Use Evernote to Remember Everything

How does Evernote work with Shoeboxed?

Just mail in your receipts and business cards to Shoeboxed, where they are scanned and entered into our online software. Once they are in Shoeboxed, you can then send them directly to Evernote, where they can be accessed online, on the desktop, or on a mobile phone. Because all the printed and handwritten text on your receipts is searchable on Evernote, you can find a receipt or business card even if you can only remember small bits of information that were on them. Want to know when and where you got your last oil change, but can’t remember? Well, if you’ve sent the receipt to Shoeboxed, you can now search in Evernote for “oil” or “oil change” and the receipt will show up.

Can I see a video of how it works?

Yes, Shoeboxed CEO and Founder explains the integration in this video:

Why do I need both services?

Shoeboxed helps you organize your receipts in ways that make sense specifically for traditional receipt-related things, like taxes, expense reports, budgeting, bookkeeping and insurance claims. For business cards, we create an online database for you to use; this parsed contact list can be exported to most every contact management system, including Salesforce, Act! or your email client.

Integrating with Evernote once they are in Shoeboxed makes your receipts and business cards even more valuable to keep. Once they are in Evernote, any printed or handwritten text is made searchable. Imagine having a searchable archive of your purchase history (at the item level!) or of your contact list. Then imagine having that archive available across so many technology platforms.

The number of ways to use these two services together is endless, and we hope you get a chance to check out Evernote!