2:30 feeling? Time for some Taylor Swift!Are you someone that chuckles at the thought of only working a 9-5? I can relate. Despite the negative connotation that the term workaholic seems to have in our society these days, I don’t think there is a better feeling than going to sleep after a day in which you’ve accomplished twice as much as you set out to, even if that does mean coming home at 10pm. However, even for those of us working long hours day in and day out, its important to develop habits that help keep you focused, happy and productive. Here are four productivity tips that I practice daily:

1. Make your password work for you

Passwords need to keep your important online accounts safe and secure, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be long, intelligible strings of 48 random numbers and characters. Something that I began doing several years ago is creating passwords that served as reminders of goals I had set for myself. While this may sound a bit childish, I’ve found it’s the ideal way to remind yourself why you’re working long hours in the first place. As you log into and out of various accounts twenty times a day, on each and every occasion you receive a subconscious memo of what the fruits of your labor will all mean when it’s said and done. And just like goals, passwords should be changed from time to time. Every few months, as you reevaluate your business (or personal) goals, change your passwords accordingly. Passwords are such a mundane reality that most of us don’t even think about them, but I challenge you to do just the opposite. As you’re logging in to your email tonight at 1am, your productivity might thank you for it.

2. Keep your iTunes minimized and waiting

The great singer/songwriter Taylor Swift once said: “People haven’t always been there for me, but music always has.” I couldn’t agree more, and there is no better time to have great music at your fingertips than when you need a pick-me-up at work. Whether you’ve had the day from hell, are stressed to the max, or simply get struck by that 2:30 feeling, in my experience a healthy dose of headphones always does the trick (sorry 5-hour Energy). Find a music genre that you enjoy, as well as one that gets your head bumping back and forth a bit, and then turn it up as needed. Music has the amazing (and unique) ability to help you re-energize and refocus in a way that nothing else can. And in the world of Pandora, Spotify and Turntable there is no excuse for not keeping a pair of headphones around the office at all times. No matter the circumstances, the perfect playlist at the right time has the ability to send your productivity through the roof. If you need specific pick-me-up musical recommendations, please leave a note in the comments box below and we’ll be in touch.

3. Don’t forget that the world keeps turning

Most of us spend our days laser focused on multi-tasking the seven tasks that need to be completed before our next meeting, which conveniently starts in 15 minutes. But while you’re responding to seven emails, analyzing last week’s revenue numbers and tracking the open rates of an A/B test you ran on your most recent newsletter, don’t forget that the rest of the world is continuing to turn. Spend at least fifteen minutes every day reading about the industry you’re in, what your competitors are working on, and business trends that could potentially effect your business in a big way (either directly or indirectly). Having the ability to step back and see the bigger picture, and where you fit into it, gives you an incredibly valuable perspective that all the multi-tasking in the world won’t replace. Hustle, hustle, hustle, and then take a step back and see where everyone else is hustling off to. As the saying goes, knowledge is power. And in my experience, the most knowledgeable are, among many other things, those most aware. I personally use Flipboard and find it to be the perfect, customizable productivity tool for keeping up to date on industry news. If you don’t have Flipboard, definitely give it a try.

4. Variety is the spice of life

If you truly are a workaholic and get substational satisfaction out of working 10+ hours every day, make sure those long hours aren’t all sitting in the exact same place. Whether it’s a small move to another corner of the office, or a 5-minute trek to your favorite coffee shop across town, a change in scenery is not only great for your productivity, but it also allows you to keep your sanity in check over the course of a never-ending workday. It’s undeniable that your surroundings have a tremendous impact on how productive you are, so don’t be afraid to change things up once, or even several, times a day. Sometimes it’s great to be in a busy, loud environment, other times you can focus best with some peace and quiet. Embrace this. Find several places to go when you’re sick of sitting at the same desk and don’t think twice about getting up and moving to one of these places as often as necessary. If nothing else, your legs will thank you for a quick chance to stretch.

While none of these tips are particularly groundbreaking, all of them are small tricks that I’ve found will make a significant difference in your productivity each and every day. Furthermore, I’ve discovered that these tips are great tools to prevent burnout, which is a common symptom of 10+ workdays for months at a time, if you’re not careful.

Fellow workaholics, what things do you do each and every day to be more productive during your 10+ work days?